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by Sideofham
1 Mar 2020 22:01
Forum: Town Hall
Topic: Saigon Cafe now open
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Re: Saigon Cafe now open

Best of luck to this new business venture but can't help thinking they missed a trick, they should have offered Ni-ni-ni 19, 19, ni-19 19
19, 19, 19, 19 % of the bill until end of March..
by Sideofham
18 Feb 2020 18:48
Forum: Town Hall
Topic: Gentrifiers
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Re: Gentrifiers

Hey man there's no reason for normal folk and bikers to argue, can't we all just get along?
by Sideofham
1 Aug 2019 22:46
Forum: Town Hall
Topic: Sydenham Tyres
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Re: Sydenham Tyres

Hi all Does anyone know what is happening at Sydenham tyres? I saw a stack of a few hundred trees outside the shop when it was closed. How is that allowed it could kill someone if it collapsed. It’s outrageous!! Piles of trees! Maybe they're doing some sort of environmental offsetting, for every ty...
by Sideofham
19 Jul 2019 18:09
Forum: Town Hall
Topic: The Drowning Place - Beckenham Place Park
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Re: The Drowning Place - Beckenham Place Park

Sounds great and I would definitely go for a swim in the lake but only if Lewisham council has given it a healthy dose of urine-indicator dye.
by Sideofham
18 Jun 2019 17:55
Forum: Town Hall
Topic: Bell Green Gas Holders
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Re: Bell Green Gas Holders

Hello As part of the project to demolish the Bell Green gas holders we are currently in the process of cleaning the gas holder tanks. Cleaning these tanks can generate odours in and around the area, however although these odours can be unpleasant, they do not pose any risk to health or the environm...
by Sideofham
26 May 2019 10:27
Forum: Town Hall
Topic: Moving to Sydenham
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Re: Moving to Sydenham

The point of my "thin" evidence is that it was so bad 30yrs ago I upped and got out . From my regular reading of the moans groans and complaints on here, and the odd trip down Kirkdale and Sydenham road via google street to marvel at the variety of fastfood joints,closed pubs and shops, graffiti, t...
by Sideofham
15 May 2019 17:32
Forum: Town Hall
Topic: Moving to Sydenham
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Re: Moving to Sydenham

before paying too much notice to anything that Milton says, I would click on their name and view previous posts. They belong in a shed along with the other tools... If Milton wanted to stay away from Sydenham so much then I would question why they insist on constantly coming here and posting tripe ...
by Sideofham
20 Apr 2019 15:29
Forum: Town Hall
Topic: Knighton Park Road
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Re: Knighton Park Road

Leave sooner, drive slower, live longer posters should be erected at both ends of Knighton Park Road to help reduce near misses.
Stay safe John H.... :cry:
by Sideofham
13 Apr 2019 19:24
Forum: Town Hall
Topic: Live Sydenham Train Departures
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Re: Live Sydenham Train Departures

Stuart, excellent stuff, I've started using your link and also passed onto others. Probably the most informative post I've seen on this forum. Many thanks.
by Sideofham
2 Jan 2019 18:42
Forum: Town Hall
Topic: zigghy coffea shop
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Re: zigghy coffea shop

I hope both the Zigghy coffee shop and members of this forum will not be feeding trolls...
by Sideofham
16 Nov 2018 00:30
Forum: Town Hall
Topic: STF Users Meeting - arranged 1pm Sunday (NOT 12 noon)
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Re: STF Users Meeting - arranged 1pm Sunday (NOT 12 noon)

Admin, apologies tried to turn up to the meeting but went to the wrong venue, spent 2hours nursing halh a pint of Beck's in the Dolphin!!! If we are going down the annoymity route does anyone know how I change my login to Romeo T wildbeast?
by Sideofham
16 Nov 2018 00:15
Forum: Town Hall
Topic: Lewisham nighttime economy consultation - have your say!!
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Re: Lewisham nighttime economy consultation - have your say!

We need pubs, kebab shops and knocking shops, not necessarily in that order.
Also more 24 hour opening times for kitchen appliance type outlets for the non male type people.
by Sideofham
16 Nov 2018 00:00
Forum: Town Hall
Topic: New Barber - Recommendation!
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Re: New Barber - Recommendation!

I recommend John's barbers in Lower Sydenham, a local barbers for local people.
by Sideofham
15 Nov 2018 15:47
Forum: Town Hall
Topic: Worst local transport journeys?
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Re: Worst local transport journeys?

The Victoria to London Bridge loop line must be up there, especially the almost daily announcements on the evening rush hour trains of- ‘due to the late running of this train this service is now fast from Crystal Palace to London Bridge, sorry for any inconvenience’....SUCKERS (well a driver never a...
by Sideofham
19 Oct 2018 19:56
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Topic: Albion Millennium Green
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Re: Albion Millennium Green

They're just a bunch of crazy mixed up kids in a cold uncaring world. Me thinks a few hugs may go someway to show them they're not alone and the good folk of Sydenham feel their pain.
by Sideofham
26 Sep 2018 14:45
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Topic: Travellers in Girton Road car park
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Re: Travellers in Girton Road car park

If it's of any help I Googled Penfold and got this result:
Hope it helps.
by Sideofham
20 Sep 2018 21:18
Forum: Town Hall
Topic: Been to The Greyhound yet?
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Re: Been to The Greyhound yet?

Bit confused about the slightly over-familiar comment, are we talking "alwight mate how ya diddling" or are we talking '"Your wife, does she go, eh, does she go, eh?, bet she does, I bet she does, say no more, say no more, know whatahmean, nudge nudge?"
by Sideofham
10 Jul 2018 10:48
Forum: Town Hall
Topic: Bell Green Gas Holders - Proposal to Demolish in April 2018.
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Re: Bell Green Gas Holders - Proposal to Demolish in April 2

As this subject is becoming a bit divisive and causing some disharmony I suggest a referendum for everyone who lives in SE26 with the simple question: Should the Bell Green gas holders be pulled down? YES NO Both the Brexit and Scottish referendums proved popular and did a lot to bring communities t...
by Sideofham
4 Jul 2018 12:25
Forum: Town Hall
Topic: Begging outside Sainsbury's local
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Re: Begging outside Sainsbury's local

I think it maybe the same chap who I spotted the other day asking for small change ( in a non-aggressive way) outside Sainsbury’s. I was totally shocked when in response to his pleas of ‘anyone got any spare change, any coppers, I haven’t eaten anything in four days,’ a well-dressed young woman pass...
by Sideofham
27 Mar 2018 15:43
Forum: Town Hall
Topic: The Monstrosity - ie St Philp Neri school building
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Re: The Monstrosity

I say give it time, The Eiffel Tower and Tower Bridge were initially hated by everyone but now they are iconic landmarks recognised the world over, St Philip Neri catholic primary may finally put Sydenham on the world stage.