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by pujs
28 Jan 2015 22:59
Forum: Town Cafe
Topic: 2 mins for feedback from diabetics please?
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2 mins for feedback from diabetics please?

Dear Friends I will be so grateful if you would ask any ' Diabetic patients' to complete this 2 min survey for my friend Jurate who is doing her dissertation on the business viability of introducing a new insulin pump. BW Pratima Message from Jurate- Hello, I am a MBA student and the wife of an insu...
by pujs
21 Feb 2014 22:40
Forum: Town Kids
Topic: Can anyone recommend a childminder?
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Re: Can anyone recommend a childminder?

there is a list on the council website. we started from there. Goodluck. Hope you find someone suitable.
by pujs
21 Feb 2014 22:34
Forum: Town Cafe
Topic: Attention ladies: Eyebrow threading £5
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Attention ladies: Eyebrow threading £5

Hi ladies I was very pleased to find that I can finally get my eyebrows threaded near where I live without having to pay Mall prices. I have been going to Croydon or Tooting for ages to get this done before. I promised the friendly Arab woman that i will help her spread the word as she doesnot live ...
by pujs
18 Jun 2013 21:52
Forum: Town Hall
Topic: The best curry takeaway in Britain...
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Re: The best curry takeaway in Britain...

This cheered me to no end today.
I havent tried either. Wonder if they will be totally swampped now!
by pujs
29 Oct 2011 19:52
Forum: Town Cafe
Topic: African Visions at Kente coffee shop
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Re: African Visions at Kente coffee shop

I agree. George was the first kind face that greeted us when we moved in Sydenham a year ago. Its a pleasure to watch him warmly interact with the regulars. Great chap.
by pujs
18 Feb 2011 19:34
Forum: Wanted
Topic: plumber recommendation?
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Re: plumber recommendation?

Gavin Gregg from all hours plumbers did our refurb related plumbing and was excellent and reasonable. He is also very prompt and relaible. 07500770520 or

Referance -pratima
by pujs
31 Dec 2010 00:22
Forum: Town Cafe
Topic: Some minor observations
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Re: Some minor observations

Vote: girl
Verdict: loving it so far

You grammar fanatics are to be blamed for this cryptic reply

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by pujs
7 Jun 2010 21:47
Forum: Town Cafe
Topic: Advice on moving Sydenham
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Hi Dreamweaver We have just bought on another road here. We lived in Dulwich but couldn't get anything half decent there for our 275k budget. I will recommend the area based on my research, easy transport, useful shops nearby, relatively clean streets, parks. There seem to be so many forums for mums...
by pujs
7 Jun 2010 21:38
Forum: Town Cafe
Topic: Input Please
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fishcox I will eat at your pizza shop if you do a good stone baked pizza. Sour dough will be even better. Please dont makeit like the ones there. Go see Marco Francas in Brixton. THAT would be lovely and I will advertize for you free one weekend. Promise. Good luck. Hope you get your venue and go gr...
by pujs
7 Jun 2010 21:34
Forum: Town Cafe
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It is true. The wooster and stock estate agent lady told us when she showed us around, the flat is called Cottage. Its a lovely flat. Wanted to buy it so badly :( The lease was too short and bank would give us the loan on that. Recently bought another flat on the same road. yipeeeeeeeeeeee. Waiting ...