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by PDoolan
9 Oct 2015 13:46
Forum: Town Cafe
Topic: Dog walker?
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Re: Dog walker?

I use them occasionally too. They're very good and often available at short notice.
by PDoolan
5 Sep 2015 12:43
Forum: Town Cafe
Topic: Free chairs
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Free chairs


We've got 4 dining chairs, free to a good home out the front of our house at 143 venner rd. one of them has slightly damaged legs due to a dog deciding it looked tasty but they're in good working order.

Please feel free to take them.
by PDoolan
13 Aug 2012 14:30
Forum: Town Cafe
Topic: Handyman needed for fence repair
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Handyman needed for fence repair

Can anyone recommend a good handyman in the area? It's for a fairly small job to repair a back garden fence. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.
by PDoolan
10 Aug 2012 15:02
Forum: Town Cafe
Topic: Cattery or Cat Sitter
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Re: Cattery or Cat Sitter

We use Paws Pals for our puppy. Very reliable and I'm pretty sure they do cats as well.
by PDoolan
4 Jul 2011 14:39
Forum: Town Cafe
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There was an article in this week's Time Out about London's best car boots ( ... boot-sales ). Closest to Sydenham was probably Rotherhithe so not sure if there's any closer than that.
by PDoolan
5 Apr 2011 16:22
Forum: Wanted
Topic: plumber recommendation?
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Re: plumber recommendation?

I'd like to recommend Len Thomas who was actually recommended to us by Carrie. Did a good job and very reasonable rates. He's on 07956 877376.
by PDoolan
4 Jan 2011 16:44
Forum: Town Hall
Topic: Venner road incident
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Re: Venner road incident

Any idea what happened yet?