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by mikej
24 Sep 2019 12:08
Forum: Town Cafe
Topic: Replacing windows
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Re: Replacing windows

My advice would be to replace with the sash windows. We had 60s style double-glazed in our Victorian property, which were useless in hot weather. Then a few years ago we replaced them with double-glazed wooden sash windows, which make the house look MUCH better. Even better, they've enabled us to co...
by mikej
20 Sep 2019 19:02
Forum: Town Hall
Topic: How much air pollution around your house?
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How much air pollution around your house?

<r>Here's the website address <URL url=""><s>[url]</s><e>[/url]</e></URL> - see how polluted your home is - plus you can send an email to Lewisham (or Bromley) about your concerns through the website. Plus it gives you a link to share on social media.<...
by mikej
12 Sep 2019 15:38
Forum: Town Hall
Topic: New houses
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Re: New houses

Bromley??? But this is on Mayow Road, a couple of km from the Bromley border!!
by mikej
12 Aug 2019 17:09
Forum: Town Kids
Topic: Earlesthorpe/Thorpes - schools help please!
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Re: Earlesthorpe/Thorpes - schools help please!

I'm not sure why no one has replied to your query, but have a look at this website which shows the location of primaries on a map (you can zero in on Sydenham) and where their catchments have extended to in recent years. Adamsrill and St Bart's seem to cover your area.
by mikej
10 Aug 2019 19:19
Forum: Town Hall
Topic: Petition. Lewisham isn't working: end the directly-elected mayoral system now
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Re: Petition. Lewisham isn't working: end the directly-elected mayoral system now

I wish this campaign every success, BUT if Bromley is anything to go by, it won't make much difference. Bromley doesn't have an elected mayor, but similarly to Lewisham, everything is sorted by the Tory leader of the council and his cabal, and the general council meetings are rather a sham, especial...
by mikej
29 Jul 2019 17:11
Forum: Town Hall
Topic: Local Social - fixed for Wednesday 25 September 7pm, Dolphin
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Re: Local Social

I'd be up for that too!

by mikej
26 Jul 2019 16:10
Forum: Wanted
Topic: Wanted: a high chair
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Wanted: a high chair

For occasional use when our grandchild is staying.
by mikej
11 Jun 2019 15:37
Forum: Town Cafe
Topic: Open mic / jam nights
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Re: Open mic / jam nights

I believe the Goldsmith's in Penge has open mic nights from time to time...
by mikej
30 May 2019 21:27
Forum: Wanted
Topic: washing Machine repairs
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Re: washing Machine repairs

I used Mandells, who were recommended on the Penge Tourist Board site on FB. They were efficient, quick and reasonably priced.
0208 777 7770 or They are local
by mikej
20 May 2019 21:01
Forum: Town Hall
Topic: Moving to Sydenham
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Re: Moving to Sydenham

As one who lives in that part of Kent House Rd which has a Beckenham (BR3) postcode, I would point out a couple of things. 1 That part used to be in Beckenham Municipal Borough, not Penge Urban District until 1965 when the London Boroughs were created and the two were merged. 2 Distance between our ...
by mikej
2 May 2019 19:43
Forum: Town Hall
Topic: where are our closest bluebell woods??
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where are our closest bluebell woods??

As the title says, I'm feeling the need to revel in nature's beauty and wondered where our nearest bluebell woods might be - can anyone recommend any? Happy to drive or travel by train.
by mikej
4 Apr 2019 06:58
Forum: Town Hall
Topic: Shackleton Play - Local Hero!
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Re: Shackleton Play - Local Hero!

Shackleton lived in Sydenham. In Westwood Hill:
by mikej
2 Apr 2019 12:26
Forum: Town Cafe
Topic: Best Breakfast in Sydenham
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Re: Best Breakfast in Sydenham

On The Hoof is the place! Quality ingredients - including sausages. Excellent coffee, nice vibe, lovely staff. It's maybe a little more expensive than Dilz and Chef's Delight, but you get what you pay for. People also recommend the veggie breakfast, though I've not tried it myself! Try it! Great ide...
by mikej
6 Mar 2019 12:41
Forum: Town Hall
Topic: Laptop disposal
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Re: Laptop disposal

No, the library doesn't recycle laptops any more - unless they are still operating.
It now costs them money to dispose of them, so no good.
Go to Currys/PC World.
by mikej
30 Jan 2019 07:58
Forum: Town Cafe
Topic: Book Share for Sydenham?
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Re: Book Share for Sydenham?

I was visiting a friend in Durban road, Beckenham and saw that a house had one of these on the pavement side of the front garden, presumably run by the house owner. Thought it a wonderful idea. So they don't have to be in stations. In fact, my local station, Kent House, had a book shelf like this in...
by mikej
19 Jan 2019 16:54
Forum: Town Hall
Topic: Current state of the property market in Sydenham
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Re: Current state of the property market in Sydenham

The doldrums are caused by the unknown effects that Brexit will have on the market. It is impossible to predict what the effects will be, but few are anticipating many price increases after Brexit. Many are expecting a fall in prices, perhaps as much as 30%. That would give many opportunities for fi...
by mikej
15 Jan 2019 13:53
Forum: Town Hall
Topic: Stupid new 4 way lights in Sydenham at Mayow junction
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Re: Stupid new 4 way lights in Sydenham at Mayow junction

What I was trying to say, is that the lights are totally unnecessary IMO - traffic can get past the roadworks area on all four approaches.

And as Parker says, they're causing huge delays
by mikej
15 Jan 2019 13:15
Forum: Town Hall
Topic: Stupid new 4 way lights in Sydenham at Mayow junction
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Stupid new 4 way lights in Sydenham at Mayow junction

What is the point of these? As far as I can see, in spite of the coned off areas, vehicles can still pass both ways on all 4 roads (Sydenham/Girton/Mayow).
It's causing huge delays and (presumably) massive pollution in the area.

Anyone know who's responsible?
by mikej
13 Jan 2019 09:30
Forum: Town Hall
Topic: zigghy coffea shop
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Re: zigghy coffea shop

I'm not sure what you mean by "suitable" in this context, but if you mean a fair price, yes I think it is. It would be more in most similar places, in my experience.
More important - did they taste good?
by mikej
5 Jan 2019 08:43
Forum: Town Asylum
Topic: Who chose
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Re: Who chose

I have no idea how I would put an image in my post
One way is:

On the Imgur site [], under New post, click on 'upload image' then select and upload your image(s).

Under the 'Share this Image' header copy the BB Code(forums) text and paste it into your STF message.