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by DaveT
8 Dec 2010 13:09
Forum: Town Cafe
Topic: Rail Warrants at Sydenham Station?
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Re: Rail Warrants at Sydenham Station?

Not allowed - according to the ATOC web site states: Each warrant, after completion, can then be exchanged at staffed stations for rail tickets ( except season tickets ). * but later on it does mention season ticket rail warrant accounts - is ...
by DaveT
9 Jun 2010 14:26
Forum: Town Hall
Topic: Anyone get train from Penge East to St Pancras??
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I use the Penge East service to Farringdon (next stop St Pancras) every morning - I've never seen the 8:04 without a seat available. If you can't get a seat on the 8:04, wait a couple of stops and lots of school kids (well behaved ones at that) get off at West Dullwich. (I know.) The 7:39 however is...
by DaveT
6 May 2010 14:45
Forum: Town Hall
Topic: Sydenham Park: 16 year old boy stabbed to death (UPDATED)
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the solution? hmm, it's a difficult one. Difficult because to solve it requires planning and thinking that is longer than one government's time in power. A previous "leader" said it (but sadly didn't do it) - Education Education Education. It will take 2 to 3 generations to effect a change where mor...
by DaveT
18 Feb 2010 13:56
Forum: Town Hall
Topic: The Girls House
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missed it..

Clearly not paying enough attention - so I missed what I'm sure was an ear-opening broadcast.....

Any chance of it being published as a podcast somewhere?

(It's not on the listen again page yet....)
by DaveT
17 Feb 2010 14:55
Forum: Town Hall
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ooh - I'm starting to believe we live in a democracy again.

A lot of hard work and commitment to the area has resulted in many more locals voicing their opinion than would have occurred had the efforts not been made.

The results - speak for themselves.

Bleedin' well done !

by DaveT
17 Feb 2010 14:45
Forum: Town Hall
Topic: East London Line Extension - update on progress
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and also in the 70s...

BR were running about 13,000 to 14,000 timetabled trains per day. At BR's peak it was up to 16,000 per day. Now it is up to 24,000 timetabled train moves per day. So, yes it does take longer to traverse these sections, and that is because space has to be built into the timetable to allow for trains ...
by DaveT
18 Jan 2010 16:08
Forum: Town Cafe
Topic: what's the best way to get rid of mice?
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Plug-in deterrents

Hiya, We too have used the plug-in deterrent. Initially it didn't work - so we called out the expert. To quote him (as best I can remember) "Those plug-in ultrasonic deterrents are mis-sold. They will dissuade new mice from moving in, but if the mice you have, have offspring, then the parents will n...
by DaveT
24 Nov 2009 15:29
Forum: Town Hall
Topic: Oystercard PAYG starts in January
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The map...

I too have seen the advertising in the Metro et al, but for the life of me can not see the east london line on there..

I thought I could read maps.....
by DaveT
26 Aug 2009 08:04
Forum: Town Cafe
Topic: storm
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conspiracy theories anyone?

Having spoken with some contacts on the other side, I understand it's actually Elvis' new home.

-- then again -- stone-penge -what is it then?
by DaveT
29 Jul 2009 09:47
Forum: Town Cafe
Topic: storm
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secret police facility

secret well, almost....the blue light specials give it away though....

I've always wondered what is the building is used for. Close the Sydenham police station and then have this building on Newlands park? odd IMO.
by DaveT
12 Sep 2008 11:47
Forum: Town Hall
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are you the lawyer acting for a deposed oil baron with $10,003,456 to get out of the country and need some help from a respectable individual for a 30% cut?

just send your bank details and power of attorney to ..

PO box 419
by DaveT
9 Sep 2008 15:39
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Topic: favorite chicken
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tee-hee! very good :lol:
by DaveT
17 Jul 2008 11:09
Forum: Town Hall
Topic: Coop buys Somerfield!
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I've not been let down by co-op myself, so would be happy to see one in Syd. I'm more concerned about a repeat of the shennanigans when safeways was bought.. left the poor staff in a right state, not knowing what will happen to them next. Safeyways -> Morrisons -> Somerfield... In addition, to quote...
by DaveT
30 Jun 2008 13:03
Forum: Town Asylum
Topic: Want to be part of the new Sydenham Town?
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technology and functionality...

I have to agree with a comment earlier, technology aside (having built and used Joomla, Drupal, mediawiki, dokuwiki, phpbbv2/3 sites and more), my first question is "what are the requirements". Thoughts: 1. a wiki - for Sydenham information - to allow community contribution to a collection of inform...
by DaveT
17 Mar 2008 10:22
Forum: Town Cafe
Topic: Sydenham TV reception?
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Sydenham TV reception

Hiya, Upgrading from Analogue to Digital was a nighmare for us, until I realised the signal was too strong. I now know that digital really does not handle overly strong tv signals well. We live around Somerfields on the high st, the arial we have is in our roof space, and I had to put an attenuator ...
by DaveT
12 Mar 2008 08:48
Forum: Town Hall
Topic: Oyster Cards mean reduced access to station
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actual land ownership

Finally.. after some arm twisting, I've managed to get hold of a picture that shows the land ownership around the station, including those parts leased to Southern. Green = network rail land, red = network rail land leased to southern. [ apologies about the size, any smaller and the detail disappear...
by DaveT
5 Mar 2008 08:57
Forum: Town Hall
Topic: Greyhound Pub
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An art deco bar - what an awesome idea !

"I'm sure that your cool head and undoubted thespian powers will see you through the day, Sir." (Jeeves and Wooster)
by DaveT
22 Feb 2008 13:50
Forum: Town Hall
Topic: Are House Prices in Sydenham Stagnating?
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house price site that does not need registration


lots of house price sites out there, but

is currently free of registration - search to your hearts content with no spam risk!
by DaveT
20 Jul 2007 15:45
Forum: Town Hall
Topic: New Brown Bins
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collection of brown bin contents

but... I saw a kerbside refuse processing vehicle (dustbin lorry) this morning, on newlands pk road, collecting both green recycling boxes and brown bins, into the same truck - with no separation as far as I could see. (didn't stop to look too hard). will stop to look next time to check to see if it...
by DaveT
12 Apr 2007 07:46
Forum: Town Cafe
Topic: L A Fitness
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Gym with loud Guitar music

hey nork1, you open that gym and I'll sign up. I get to hear enough urban rubbish (IMO) on other peoples mobile phones on the train and at stations ;-)


another non-R&B fanboy.