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by Savvy
8 Feb 2007 12:45
Forum: Town Cafe
Topic: Tailor/Seamstress wanted
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Tailor/Seamstress wanted

Hi there, does anyone know of a tailor who could alter a pair of lovely trousers for me? I want to wear them for a wedding in March and have lost quite a bit of weight since I last wore them.

by Savvy
19 Jan 2007 15:59
Forum: Town Cafe
Topic: The Dolphin
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Mr Savvy and I love the Dolphin and are regulars now. We'd like to see the Sunday lunch presented on proper plates rather than in the 'tappas' bowls. The tappas bowls are a bit small (and you still get a plate underneath anyway) and actually make the portions look smaller than they are. Mr S placed...
by Savvy
16 Jan 2005 21:04
Forum: Town Cafe
Topic: What can I do with my old monitor and microwave...?
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What can I do with my old monitor and microwave...?

We have both these things, both broken and I believe not worth fixing, sitting in the shed taking up space. We don't drive so we can't get over to whereever the dump is in New Cross. Will LC take them away for a fee? Can we put them in the bin?
Does anyone know? :?
by Savvy
16 Jan 2005 20:56
Forum: Town Cafe
Topic: Roofer / Chimney specialist in local area?
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Oh dear, I don't envy you... I have a friend who has moved away now but still owns her flat in Newlands Park - she has had exactly the same problems as you and its been going on for years... she has had roofers, builders, the lot, up on her roof and only recentely I think she has had it sorted. In t...
by Savvy
16 Jan 2005 20:49
Forum: Town Cafe
Topic: Other Pubs in Sydenham
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Weeble, see my review of The Greyhound and get yourself there on Thursday evening.
by Savvy
16 Jan 2005 20:43
Forum: Town Cafe
Topic: Greyhound Pub
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I've always found this pub very friendly (staff and clientele) and Thursday nights attracts a very diverse crowd aged from 16 (it seemed to me) to 60 - all joining in with the best karaoke in town - there was a rendition of 'Redemption Song' a couple of weeks ago that brought tears to my eyes! Great...
by Savvy
16 Jan 2005 20:39
Forum: Town Cafe
Topic: PUB: The Railway.
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I like the Railway! True, it is very smokey in there and that is off putting even to me, a smoker - but it it a 'proper old boozer' with real charachters who have been going for years.... The landlord and landlady are very friendly indeed and we met a gent in there who has now become our decorator, ...
by Savvy
16 Jan 2005 18:30
Forum: Town Hall
Topic: Cheer up! Good news for Sydenham
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Me too, I was very pleased to see the article and my husband and I actually did the walk suggested by the article (leaving out the bits we know around the Thorpes). I must say there are great views on a walk through Hornimans towards Honour Oak and it was an interesting, and sometimes challenging (q...