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An introduction

Post by JMLF »

Didn't really know which forum area to post this in (so admin, please feel free to move!). Delighted to say I've exchanged contracts today and am moving into Sydenham next week :) I've been posting a little here and there over the past month or so so thought would just briefly say hello and am very excited to become part of the community/furniture :)

PS: 30, speech and language therapist, into all sorts of stuff including bad punctuation and using far fancier language online then in real life.
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Re: An introduction

Post by Nigel »

May I be the first and I am sure , not the last , to welcome you to our fair Sydenham .
It is encouraging that you have been been perusing the forum in advance and I am sure it is a good sign - I personally welcome those that roll their sleeves up and get involved and you sound like that kind of cove to me .
I am sure others will point out the many delights and fascinations of our town but if I make a suggestion - and this was our first experience of Sydenham when trolling along to view flats many years ago - a good fry-up breakfast at Sema's Café. Not only is it a hearty way to start the day , it is a compelling and illuminating window on the world that is SE26.
A very good evening
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Re: An introduction

Post by marymck »

Seconded! I also recommend the mushrooms on toast and the excellent coffee at cafe jasmine. I hope you'll be very happy in your new home.

All the best to you and yours. :D
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Re: An introduction

Post by Maria »

....... and then the three right next to each other masterpieces of the high street: the DIY shop where, believe me, they will sell you everything, the fabulous Kirkdale bookshop with fantastic cards too, and then the best ever charity shop next door, St Christopher's: a real wealth of opportunities down there, I tell you!

I have enjoyed your highly positive notes - welcome! I think you will love Sydenham.
Hissing Syd
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Re: An introduction

Post by Hissing Syd »

A huge and heartfelt welcome to you! I'm about to celebrate four lovely years here and as things stand I wouldn't want to live anywhere else.

To add some personal highlights to those above:

1 - Crystal Palace Park is 20 mins away on foot, gorgeous and perfect for a run or a walk.

2 - Barrakah - Indian take-away at the bottom of Sydenham Road does phenomenal food and all my friends have been dead impressed by them (including some mates who are themselves Indian, and fully expected coals to Newcastle).

3 - Billings is an outstanding fishmonger/butcher, as praised elsewhere on here.

4 - ...and Kirkdale Books, as noted above, is brilliant, and we're lucky to have it.

5 - Lastly, on a practical, just-moved-in sort of level, Musti's Pound Plus in the high st is great for basic stuff (curtain rings, screw fixings, hooks etc) and you can pick up some really nice bits and pieces in the second hand furniture store next to Lidl.

Hope you'll be very happy!
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Re: An introduction

Post by JMLF »

Many thanks for the kind words of welcome and the recommendations.
I've scoured the surrounding area far too much (I already knew Crystal Palace and Gypsy Hill fairly well beforehand) and already have a huge hit-list of places (That's Amore, Alhambra's and Aga's cafe's in Kirkdale alongside the pubs round there are the first port of call as I'm round there) but the big question seems to be Cafe Jasmine or Sema's for my first day's fry-up!

Have a lovely weekend everyone and who knows I may see some of you at Blue Jasmine next Thursday... It's the day before I move in so it best be friendly as there's no turning back now ;)

Alfred Adler
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Re: An introduction

Post by Alfred Adler »

congratulations on your purchase. We moved in only last summer and I can recommend the Indian restaurant on the high street, the Spice Kitchen for take aways on Newlands Park, and of course the Dolphin for some chilling about especially when the evenings warm up for their back garden, just in case you thought it was all Indian food to me. The Fresh and Fruity, Billings and PFC shops are other places I would recommend.
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Re: An introduction

Post by leenewham »

In addition to what's also been mentioned, I'd also highly recommend:
Trattoria Raffaele for some great pizza from a local family run business.
The Lemon Tree for what i think is the best indian food in Sydenham
Sugahill for the best paninis and hot chocolate in London
Agas deli/Little Cafe for by farther best coffee and cakes on the planet (seriously, I've never tasted cakes as good as hers).
Kirkdale Books (say no more)
Mustis pound shop for an aladins cave of stuff
The Bath Store in Bell Green for second hand architectural salvage
On the Hoof in the station for great coffee
Home Park for it's outdoor gym
Mayow park for it's cricket and playgrounds
Sydenham Library for it's cafe and kids events
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Re: An introduction

Post by wen »

Congratulations and good luck for the move! I'm going to save this thread for when I eventually exchange and complete too, hopefully soon.

Wanted to add my thumbs up for the DIY shop. Popped in there the other day for an emergency purchase, and my initial greenhorn choice from the items proposed was actually the most expensive one as it was the only one with a price tag. The guy helping me in the shop just verified the price of another item, told me it was cheaper but still very good, which I then proceeded to buy. It makes me wonder when actual helpful service without an angle to sell you the most expensive item leaves me all happy and upbeat about life!
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