It beggars belief!

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It beggars belief!

Post by paultee76 »

Did Sydenham suddenly become a mecca for beggars??

There is the toothless Caledonian who was sitting directly outside Tesco Express going for the you might notice me if you have to clamber over me approach - he was less than impressed at the sandwich I bought him but homeless or not if you don't like pickle you don't like pickle!

Then a random guy who stands outside Tesco Express like he is just waiting for someone but if you happen to look remotely in his direction asks you for spare change to get the bus or something.

Finally there was a young lady this evening who asked me for change near the station.

3 days...3 different beggars.

Is this a sign of gentrification? If I were to go begging I would want to do it somewhere worthwhile were there is disposable income.

Interestingly in Miami they have parking meters near areas frequently by beggars for you to give your change to charity rather than give to the beggar directly which I thought was a good approach.
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Re: It beggars belief!

Post by stone-penge »

I blame Tesco.
Mind you I blame then for everything from global warming to marathon bars now being called "Snickers"
Hissing Syd
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Re: It beggars belief!

Post by Hissing Syd »

At the risk of sounding like a wet lettuce, I have to say, I'm finding the guy who's taken up residence outside Tesco a real problem. He's demanding and aggressive, and constantly scanning the street. A few weeks ago I was out for a run and went past there. Despite the fact that I was wearing headphones and moving at a reasonable lick, he was up like a shot and blocking my path, waving his arms in my face, trying to make me stop and talk to him.

Not to trivialise the plight of anyone who is homeless or in difficulty, but this kind of behaviour is intimidating. Coming home late last night, he and some friends were lurking and being quite shouty outside Tesco and PFC and clocked me as I walked down from the station. Speaking as a youngish and pretty robust man, although I needed to stop and buy coffee, I decided to leave it and head for home instead. I really hope this man isn't going to become as permanent a fixture as the Street Drinkers once were...
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