Aircraft Noise - How do you sleep at night ?

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Aircraft Noise - How do you sleep at night ?

Post by LisaCummins »

Residing in Hall Drive has its merits if you're a light sleeper as me.

About 2 weeks ago about 2.00am, I awoke to a rumbling sound, I realised even the lampshades were rattling! I've witnessed an earthquake before so I knew it wasn't quite as bad, but nevertheless it surely would have woken many within my area. After all, sound does surely travel much further at night.It sounded like a road-roller pasing by. Its sound deminished eventually and was soon forgotten as I fell back to sleep.

A few evenings later about midnight I heard the same rumbling sound and as I was still awake, I soon realised it was an aircraft.

Now I hear them on a regular basis. Around midnight especially and even up to 2.00am. One in fact just flew over a few minutes ago, which prompted me to ask a question to anyone else out there within Sydenham :?:

Has there been a change in flight laws, as I've always thought flights stop in the night. I know aeroplanes often stack overhead, normally about to touch-down at LHR. ....But these planes seem to be going in a straight line overhead, with their engines running at speed. Because it's dark and cloudy it's impossible to site the aircraft visually, except by the odd break in the clowds or the flash from a light or two onboard. My Husband thinks they could be military as he says they operate on a different flightplan.?? But I'm not convinced.
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Post by mosy »

Can't say I've noticed anything (near Syd Station). However, there was an item on the news that there was evidence that airlines were operating out of allowed hours and the response was that when flights were delayed, they more or less had still to go or it would otherwise cause many airport/scheduling problems. Perhaps another member might have a link or more precise info than my paraphrase.

I'm a bit surprised that domestic flights would rattle your lampshades though, so perhaps there is more afoot... Have you asked next door neighbours to learn if they've noticed anything? I know when I used to live up Westwood Hill, heavy lorries in first gear would "rumble". Dunno really.
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Post by chrisf »

R U sure you did not leave ya dildo switched on under ya bed? Have it you got the timer model that comes back on again thruout the night? :P :lol: :wink:
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Post by stuart »

Chris - this would appear to be a subject where your expertise is greater than ours. Can we keep it that way please.

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Post by sean »

I'm in Venner Road and I've noticed them and the increase during the day.
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Post by sydeman »

Good reply Chris. Glad someone has a sense of humour in Sydenham! Have to admit i sleep with the windows open, just off off Kirkdale, and all i get woken by are the cars and the drunks. No aircraft noise at all. Maybe it was just a one off?
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Post by Weeble »

Last summer I noticed a lot of aircraft noise in the early morning (6-7am). I think the aircraft are banking/turning which makes them particularly noisy?

I haven't noticed it as much this year, but last year I had a professional interest in aircraft noise and I think I was very 'atuned' to it.

I've never noticed noise late at night, but then I've slept through fire alarms...
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Post by LisaCummins »

chrisf wrote:R U sure you did not leave ya dildo switched on under ya bed? Have it you got the timer model that comes back on again thruout the night? :P :lol: :wink:
Hey thanks chrisf for your valuable contribution. I've looked under the bed, but sorry, no such luck!

I'm certain the noise is from low flying aircraft. I'm hopiung for a clear night to see properly. My lampshades are normally rattle in the wind if the window is open as they are made of glass and held together with metal fasteners. Something else on my To Do list to change at some stage. These lampshades were kindly left by the previous occupier.....How very kind.
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Post by kennyb2 »

You are not that far from the railway are you? noise travels in a peculiar manner at night.
I used to live near the railway at Penge East, every now and again we were disturbed about that time of the morning by long rumbling noise, used to make the building shake.
It turned out was trains carrying nuclear waste flasks, which accounted for the abnormal weight and vibration, they moved relatively slowly.

ok yeah I know, you all thought Penge was the result of a nuclear accident
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Post by fishcox »

wow, thanks kenny. i used to live on Westwood Hill, right above the tunnel, and i remember that rumbling, every so often, and often wondered what on earth it was. you have now solved the mystery.
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