Sharing in Sydenham?

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Sharing in Sydenham?

Post by JonnoBass »

Came across a pretty nifty app today called Peerby. It's free to download and use. The app is simple: Peerby users can send out a request for an item they want to borrow. Other users are notified of the requests near them, and can accept if they feel like sharing – a kind of temporary freecycling.

From their website:
" Peerby is the app and website that enables you to borrow stuff from people in your neighborhood. It is fast, easy and secure!
When you search on Peerby, we ask around for you in your neighborhood. If somebody has what you are looking for, we put you in touch with each other. In this way, you can find and get what you are looking for almost instantly! "

An intro video here:

So in other words if Sydenham folk signed up for this, we could begin our own little sharing network. I have things like an angle grinder, drill, bush saw, backpack etc all bought for a specific job but now lying in the shed collecting dust.

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Re: Sharing in Sydenham?

Post by alywin »

Sounds like a good idea: Freecycle specifically forbids borrowing, so there's definitely a market for it.

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Re: Sharing in Sydenham?

Post by JRobinson »

The Library of Things...? as mentioned by leenewham recently I believe.

Big Society working properly.

just need to do this with cars - if you think about yours (if you have one), it probably spends 90% of time sat outside your house slowely deteriorating. I know ours rarely gets used during a normal working week, and sometimes not much on a weekend.
Even if we're generous and say that someone commutes by car for 1.5 hours each way, and drives somewhere to get lunch, and drives a couple of hours each weekend day - that's still only about 25 hours a week tops roughly 1/7th of total time available.

sharing of tools, toys, books, etc, locally is a good idea.


Re: Sharing in Sydenham?

Post by _HB »

Good idea. There may even be a role for the forum in this?
JRobinson wrote:just need to do this with cars
There have been a few aborted attempts to do this in the UK and it is well established in the US. People rent their vehicles out on an hourly basis when they are not using them. A bit like Air BnB. I think the most recent attempt to get it off the ground in the UK fell over because of issues around insurance (no doubt under heavy lobbying from the likes of Zipcar).

Speaking of Zipcar, thats's the obvious solution. Sell your car, buy a bike and a zipcar membership.

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