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Tim Lund
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Organ Donation

Post by Tim Lund »

This news item today

Organ donations vetoed by hundreds of bereaved families

made me realise that, while long before on-line registers came along, I used to have an organ donor card in my wallet, I wasn't sure if in this regard I'd caught up with the 21st century.

Anyway, I have now.

Who hasn't? Why would any one not?

Here's the link


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Re: Organ Donation

Post by Eagle »

Well done Tim

I am sure most people would donate if they thought about it .

They are very welcome to any of my organs , but would imagine as a cancer patient would not be highly sought by others.

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Re: Organ Donation

Post by Parker1970 »

I'd also just chime and say that it is also VERY worthwhile to tell your next of kin what you have agreed to donate on that site so that they don't go against your wishes. My family are more than aware that the NHS can take anything they like except my eyes (weird I know, but that's a long story) and that they may not want my wine pickled liver :)

Pat Trembath
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Re: Organ Donation

Post by Pat Trembath »

I think I'm old enough to add to this post so here goes (without apologies)

Last year, after a big "0" birthday, I wrote to both of my children (I know they'd be embarrassed to be described as such) confirming my wishes re organ donation and, importantly, a signed Living Will, nearly 20 years old, with threats to never speak to them again, if ever disregarded!

Following Tim's post, I have re-registered my preference for consideration for organ donation.

As a P.S.. Please tidy matters up to help your family through any difficult times ahead (who knows when/where they may be living and working and family circumstances)

1) help them out while you are alive and fit enough and make you wishes known.
2) make sure you make a Will, and (equally importantly) check it through every couple of years to ensure that your intentions/circumstances haven't changed.
3) electronically, once made, amendments to a Will (you should be able to do this yourself and get your legal representative to amend the original at small cost) are easily made and not expensive.
4) a Letter of Wishes about disposal of personal items (if there are any) also saves arguments within a family about who gets what...
5) nearly forgot - an Enduring Power of Attorney, if you trust them (I do) - may help them sort out your finances for you when you are no longer able to do so...

Boringly - a stitch in time etc, etc - most of us have something to leave even though we all come into this world with nothing...

Don't put off till tomorrow, what you can do today

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Re: Organ Donation

Post by Pally »

An Enduring Power of Attorney for Health and Welfare can also be helpful to them as well ...and more power if necessary than a Letter of Wishes.

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Re: Organ Donation

Post by JRobinson »

Is it Wales, whereby you're assumed to have agreed to organ donation unless specifically opted out?
(or is it New Zealand?) anyway - imo a much better idea, any organ from anyone recently deceased can be re-used/donated, without consent, unless specifically requested not to by next of kin, or for medical reason (obviously there are caveats, where Dr's need to have made reasonable efforts to contact next of kin, etc)

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