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Re: Toys R Us

Post by Emc »

That's true. Maybe in that case a nice independent set up by some Sydenhamites. Or I'd settle for an Odeon :)

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Re: Toys R Us

Post by broken_shaman »

The cinema is probably one of the most forward thinking and positive suggestions I've seen among the continual pining for an Aldi and bitterness over some gas towers still existing. Aldi was rejected because of the traffic it would generate, which affects people who live in the area. The gas towers are rather irrelevant to that decision realistically. Maybe we could all aim a little higher than congested roads, pollution and identikit warehouse units...

But anyway, it'll probably end up as a discount sofa shop or hobbycraft and it certainly won't be decided by people on a forum deciding what they think would be a nice addition. :lol:

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