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Re: The Golden Lion

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The history of the Golden Lion is gruesome but fascinating in equal measure.

I'm sure you're all aware, but if you're not, do a little google search on Daniel Morgan Murder.

Don't worry, it was 30 years ago, but it's so interesting how far that rabbit hole goes!!

The podcast "Untold" with Daniel's brother is also a great listen. Series 1 is anyway, series 2 kind of loses it's way a little.
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Re: The Golden Lion

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Newtosydenham wrote:I love the Golden Lion. They have a great Gin selection and the staff are all very friendly and welcoming.
Good observation - but it seems that the gin trend requires every good hostelry to have an ever increasing choice of new blends de rigueur. Why is it that the associated trend must have accompanying new tonics charged at double or triple the price too ?
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Re: The Golden Lion

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Golden Lion Car Park Fines - be warned

Salutary lesson at the Golden Lion the other day. Went for lunch (first visit to the GL for some time) and used their car park. But forgot to register the car at the bar. Just received a £60 parking fine. Contacted the Golden Lion but they say they can’t do anything about it.

Our fault, as there are signs, but still pretty annoying.
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Re: The Golden Lion

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JGD wrote: Why is it that the associated trend must have accompanying new tonics charged at double or triple the price too ?
Why pay for tonic at all? Dumping tonic in a premium gin is surely just the same as putting ginger ale or lemonade in malt whisky. If I'm drinking a premium gin then a couple of drops of Angostura Bitters and a couple of ice cubes and/or splash of cold water is all I'd ever have. Those additions never cost me a penny and allow me to appreciate the differences in flavour of premium gins. If you stick sweet, fizzy tonic water in I doubt you could tell the difference if you'd been served the cheapest house gin. It's perhaps a bit of an acquired taste but persevere and you'll save yourself a fortune on rip-off tonics.

If I'm drinking gin at home, I rarely drink anything other than Aldi's £9.99 "Oliver Cromwell London Dry" as it consistently wins awards even when compared against much more expensive gins. ... 96866.html
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Re: The Golden Lion

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I used to be a regular in the Golden Lion until I moved away in 2010. I have popped in once soon after the refurbishment and it wasn't to my taste, I found it pretty generic and lacking in character (I prefer the old-fashioned "boozer" feel) I couldn't make any major complaint. However, I popped in for a second time this evening having been out for a meal locally and I can honestly say I won't be back: the real ale was awful, it was off - not just a bit, it stank of vinegar. The pint was returned and the barman grumbled that he had been selling it all day (!), he offered to replace it with another from a different hand pump but that was off too! (whilst he claimed he had been selling it all day when his back was turned and he thought he was out of sight he took a sniff, pulled a face and chucked it!).

Aside from the ale (which as well as being off was of the most generic and boring variety anyway) the remaining drinks selection was pretty basic and lacked any inspiration. The music was too loud and the place was mostly empty at 7:30PM on a saturday night. A very sorry state of affairs. The garden was the only redeeming feature.

As we left we noticed that he hadn't taken the beers off and presumably was going to attempt to flog it to any unsuspecting punters.

It is sad, as this could be (and was) a great pub. Not anymore I'm afraid.
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