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Re: Mad Dough

Post by Sydenham Syd » 2 Sep 2019 06:52

El Cid wrote:
1 Sep 2019 21:35
Regarding Hibagon providing "world-class Japanese food", all I know is that any time it's open there's virtually no customers eating there, and they're always advertising for staff.

I admit I haven't eaten at Hibagon, or ordered a takeaway, and I recall when it first opened six or seven years ago it had rave reviews on the forum.

But my sense is that thing musts have gone down hill since then (this happens a lot with restaurants). Otherwise why do so few people eat there.
I tried to get a table there about four weeks ago on a Saturday evening at about 8 and was told I would have to wait until 9.30pm. If a restaurant has been open for seven years and is still trading, I reckon it’s probably doing ok. Remains to be seen, but the quality of the food is very good. Give it a go and fill some of those seats yourself

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Re: Mad Dough

Post by marymck » 2 Sep 2019 10:53

I haven't eaten in Hibagon for a while, but purely because it's been full whenever I've tried. I used to eat there a lot and will again. I love the freshness of the made to order sushi, the salmon don and bacon wrapped asparagus. This is the place also that introduced me to black garlic. Yumm. Oh and those duck loaded bun thingies.

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Re: Mad Dough

Post by monkeyarms » 2 Sep 2019 13:15

Only ever eaten in Hibagon the once, but we routinely order deliveries from there. I suspect they do a lot of deliveries

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Re: Mad Dough

Post by KPR » 9 Sep 2019 21:25

Just round the corner so will give it a go, but I worry they’ll struggle because the passing trade isn’t that great in that location compared to the high street and food places down here have struggled historically (apart from the takeaways further down with their very annoying habit of parking on the pavement, but that’s another story).

As for Hibagon, nice food, but ‘world class’ is a bit of a stretch. Bit like when Raffaelle was in the Standard as the best Italian in London on the basis of some Tripadvisor reviews and there were apparently US tourists heading out to Sydenham to try it. Just shows how you can’t trust online reviews at all - their food is fine, but compared to Italian food in Italy? Average at best. Ditto Hibagon compared to actual Japanese food - note that Japanese restaurants outside of central London very rarely have Japanese staff (Hibagon’s are Nepalese, the place in CP is run by Chinese - not saying that you have to be Japanese to cook Japanese food, but the top end places employ Japanese staff trained in Japan and use authentic ingredients, and you can tell the difference).

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Re: Mad Dough

Post by Jollylolly » 10 Sep 2019 06:08

Is there an opening date? I can’t wait! Wonder if the Alfred would let you have a takeaway pizza with your pint outside (as with seafood van??)

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Re: Mad Dough

Post by KEVD » 14 Oct 2019 18:32

Walked past today and it looks nice. No opening date I could see.

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Re: Mad Dough

Post by KEVD » 15 Oct 2019 09:41

Just saw on Twitter. They are having a soft opening on October 17th.

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Re: Mad Dough

Post by Parker1970 » 15 Oct 2019 18:40


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