Virgin Media internet problems

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El Cid
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Virgin Media internet problems

Post by El Cid »

Is anyone having problems connecting to the internet through Virgin Media? For the last four days I've had no connection during the day, only early in the morning and in the evening.
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Re: Virgin Media internet problems

Post by JGD »

I know this won't help too much but is reporting a sticky 24 hours for Virgin Media with what seems to be an ongoing baseline of a few hundred problems reported per hour. Problems seemed to peak around 12 midnight to 3:00am with a peak at 2.4k users with problems.

VM do not appear to be too responsive to users' appeals for help and assistance.

As a backup, 4G services at my end of town are delivering a consistent 95mbps - but that has a tendency to vary in different locations.
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Re: Virgin Media internet problems

Post by zara »

Virgin internet on and off was gone now back. No phone signal either on ID network, usually bad but nothing today. Usually have to use WiFi connect but no signal .
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Re: Virgin Media internet problems

Post by syd-gal »

I started using ID mobile this year and it is not good. Very poor reception in many areas as well as at home.
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