London Mayor Election

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Who are you most likely to give your first preference vote?

Boris Johnson
Ken Livingstone
Brian Paddick
Total votes: 45

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London Mayor Election

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The final list of candidates has been published by ... dates.aspx.
Our own Michael Hodges didn't make it. Those who did are:

Richard Barnbrook British National Party
Gerard Batten UK Independence Party
Siân Berry Green Party
Alan Craig Christian Peoples Alliance and Christian Party
Lindsey German Left List
Boris Johnson Conservative Party
Ken Livingstone The Labour Party
Winston McKenzie Independent
Matt O'Connor English Democrats
Brian Paddick Liberal Democrats

So please enter our poll that will give the only reliable forecast of the voting intentions of the STF posting elite!
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Post by FergussonFamily »

There was no option for none of the above.

Don't get me wrong, I think democracy and the secret ballot is wonderful, and I always use my vote, but I don't want any of them to become Mayor. I would have voted for Susan Kramer, Stephen Norris, or even for Nick Ferrarri.

Ken Livingstones first mayoral prospectus claimed that he would never vote for someone as mayor more than two terms as they would become stale. So, even he wouldn't vote for himself this time around.
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FergussonFamily wrote:There was no option for none of the above..
I'm sorry but I can't see the point you are making. If they are not on the ballot - you can't cast a first preference for them. That's the issue - nearly all of us are not completely happy with any of the candidates but if you are going to vote you are going to have to choose one of the above.

And at least two of those you mention made a conscious decision not to stand.

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Post by stone-penge »

I'll vote for Ken for the first time , in order to keep out Boris.
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It has to be Ken. Boris may be an affable buffoon but to be honest I don't really want a buffoon running London...
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For the undecided here are the BBC London YouTube interviews;

Ken Livingstone:
Boris Johnson:
Brian Paddick:

And don't forget we also elect the London Assembly on the same day. The Greenwich & Lewisham constituency candidates are:

Tess Culnane - National Front
Len Duvall - The Labour Party
Chris Flood - Socialist Alternative
Stephen Hammond - Christian Peoples Alliance and Christian Party
Andy Jennings - Conservative Party
Jennifer Jones - Left List
Susan Luxton - Green Party
Johanna Munilla - English Democrats
Brian Robson - Liberal Democrats
Arnold Tarling - UK Independence Party

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Post by Ronski »

No wishing to sway anyones vote but just curious if people thinks his football skills help or hinders Borris? :)
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Post by sophie »

I can't believe that Boris Johnson is now actually a serious contender. It's a worry!
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Post by sean »

This poll also gives a good indication of the overall political view of the forum users.
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London mayor

Post by poppy »

Who really wants that buffoon Boris as mayor? It would be a catastrophe. He wants to get rid of the congestion charge and allow local authorities to reintroduce smoking in public places - he is a pillock!
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Post by gone »

I knew Red Ken when he was causing no end of trouble at Brixton town hall,
Now he is a pillock, a complete and utter tosser who has never done a days work in his life.
About the only thing he has ever done I agree with is banning the giving out of goldfish as fairground prizes.

Good for Boris I say, at least if hes a buffoon you know what you are getting, meglomanic Red Ken has far too many dark secrets tucked away.

Bring on Boris I say
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Post by Juwlz »

Let's hope the rest of London votes the same way as the members of this forum.

But for those out there thinking of voting for Boris, lets hope this email that someone forwarded to me will help you change your mind:

Dear friends, acquaintances, neighbours and colleagues,

I’m writing to you because I’m increasingly concerned about the prospect of Boris Johnson being elected Mayor of London, the most important directly elected post in Britain. Here are ten reasons why I believe he should not be Mayor:

1. The Mayor of London is one of the most powerful jobs in the UK. The only thing Boris Johnson has run in his life is The Spectator magazine and that became a byword for sleaze during his watch as editor.

2. He opposed the Kyoto protocol on climate change, and the congestion charge, and he opposes the proposed £25 charge on the largest engines coming in to London, which would tax those who create the most carbon dioxide.

3. He has always been a fanatical supporter of the Iraq War.

4. He campaigned for George W Bush to win the US elections in both 2000 and 2004

5. He opposed the introduction of the minimum wage and paternity leave.

6. He supported rail privatisation.

7. He was dismissed from the Conservative front bench in November 2004 because he lied to the then party leader Michael Howard, and he was fired from job as a columnist at The Times for making up quotes.

8. He also once organised for a journalist he didn’t like – Stuart Collier - to be beaten up. For this he was reprimanded but not fired by his then editor at the Telegraph, Max Hastings.

9. Here’s a quote from an editorial he wrote in the Spectator in 2002: "it is said the Queen has come to love the Commonwealth, partly because it supplies her with regular cheering crowds of flag-waving piccaninnies". After the inquiry into the racially motivated Stephen Lawrence murder, he claimed that the recommendation to change the law to allow prosecution for racist language or behaviour was “akin to Ceausescu’s Romania.” He has also expressed the belief that South Africa under Nelson Mandela represented “the majority tyranny of black rule”.

10. In April 2007 he infuriated residents of Portsmouth by writing in GQ that the city was "one of the most depressed towns in southern England, a place that is arguably too full of drugs, obesity, underachievement and Labour MPs". In October 2004 he wrote an editorial in the Spectator claiming the inhabitants of Liverpool were wallowing in “vicarious victimhood” over the British hostage Ken Bigley and that many Liverpudlians had a “deeply unattractive psyche”.

Ask yourselves – is this what you believe in? Are these the qualities you want in the Mayor of London? If you’re as concerned as I am, then please vote for anyone but Boris and forward this email to every Londoner you know. The polls suggest the race is close. We can make a difference.

Alexis Rowell
A concerned resident of London
"One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors." Plato
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Post by gone »

Cant find fault with any of that,the man is dyed in the wool politician

Sounds exactly the man for the job to me.

Is is a pinko forum then?

I thought it was Sydenham, not bloody Hampsted
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Post by georgemichael »

Has anyone tried Vote Match?

I hope this Sydenham Town Forum poll doesn't give some indication of the results - only 38 of us have voted!!!
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Post by Thomas »

This headline sums up my thoughts very well indeed: ... ecover.jpg
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Post by gone »

OH perleeeeese.......

The Tribune :roll: The Sunday Sport for the militant tendancy

At least quote a champagne socialist rag like here ... columnists

They must be scared of Boris, bring him on
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Post by Steve Grindlay »

gone wrote:They must be scared of Boris, bring him on
I am scared of him. The choice is between an astute and experienced if, at times, flawed politician and an inexperienced Etonian buffoon. I know who I prefer.
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Bad Boris

Post by oberon »

Those ten reasons don't actually refer to the Boris manifesto - so not really cerebral reasons not to vote for him a methinks. Only really worrying accusation is that he 'arranged to get a guy beaten up'. In this case the facts are wrong too. Boris was only guilty of providing a place for the guy who was involved (Darius Guppy if you're that interested) to cool off before dealing with the situation (for this he was reprimanded by Hastings, not fired). He didn't pen the article on Liverpool either (Simon Heffer did, again, if your that interested - although Heffer isn't someone I am a fan off, we are allowed to debate things in this Country). Boris was sacked for lying to Howard about an affair, something most people would feel the temptation to do to a boss. Bit unfortunate, I agree, but is that really what we will judge his suitability as Mayor on? Ken on the other hand has just got a 'good luck' card from Fidel Castro. A man for whom 40,000 people have drowned trying to escape from and murdered THOUSANDS of political opponents. He doesn't need luck.

Ken isn't an angel when it comes to fisticuffs, much more involved actually; assaulting people, including a drunken fracas at his girlfriends sisters b-day party, where he first pushed Robin Hedges, a friend of Emma Beal (his bird), down a stairwell, then he began grappling with Emma, who was pregnant at the time, and left the scene before the police got there. Messy, so lets stay off this subject please.

Forget dishing the dirt, its weak, lets talk about specific policy reasons to vote or not for someone please.
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Re: Bad Boris

Post by stone-penge »

oberon wrote: Ken on the other hand has just got a 'good luck' card from Fidel Castro. A man for whom 40,000 people have drowned trying to escape from and murdered THOUSANDS of political opponents. He doesn't need luck.
Yes , he also got one from Tony Blair and Gordon Brown who are partly responsible for the 1 million plus deaths in Iraq...
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Post by gone »

Thank you Oberon for that additional info
and to Stone Penge for pointing out that the war criminals Blair is only partly responsible for the unnecessary slaughter in in Iraq/

However it is an undeniable fact that most of the deaths and horrors inflicted on the Iraqi people have been inflicted by other Iraqis and /or their mates.

This is something that Red Ken and the Noisy left, this countries worst bigots,are more than reluctant to admit for fear of upsetting their own cohorts here.
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