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Should we follow their progress

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Yeah! lets cheer em on!
No way, their blisters are thier own concern.
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Post by back_ache »

One day to go!

And despite feeling like the rest of the forum is ignoring our efforts, I can't wait!

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Post by fishcox »

Blimey, that was hot !

Still, me and Mrs Fishcox managed to do it (in just over an hour). The temperature was well into the 70's, and I reckon I lost about half my body weight in sweat.

Despite all the best intentions as far as training was concerned, I only started a couple of weeks ago, and had run about 5 times round Sydenham - and the furthest I had done was about 2 1/2 miles.

A well earned sleep in the garden this afternoon, and a ruddy face when I woke up.

Well done to everyone.

We did see some St Christophers vests still walking across Westminster Bridge when we were going home - they might even have been the very last to complete the course. Proving that anyone can have a go, and raise money at the same time. Let's double the number of entrants for next year.

I might even be back next year.

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