East London Line Launch on Sunday 23rd May.

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East London Line Launch on Sunday 23rd May.

Post by mummycat »

Just released....

This Sunday, why not come along and celebrate the opening of the East London line and the launch of the Sydenham Arts Festival with the Sydenham and Forest Hill Societies? Meet at Sydenham or Forest Hill stations at 2pm, to catch the 14.09 towards Dalston Junction Rail Station from Sydenham (14.11 from Forest Hill). We will then travel up to Dalston before returning back down the line at around 3pm returning to FH/Sydenham around 3.40pm.

The City Shanty Band will provide their very own unique brand of entertainment before departure and at Dalston. On-train entertainment courtesy of Teatro Vivo .

Come along and enjoy a fun-filled afternoon on our new railway. And if TfL get their act together there should also be free train travel for this event.
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Post by Checkmate »

A limited number of free Travelcards will be available from each of the new Overground stations.

Depending on how well publicised this ends up being, you may be disappointed if you're hoping for one at 2pm....
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Post by nasaroc »

TfL has agreed to "hold back" a sizeable group of free tickets at Sydenham and FH stations for 2pm.
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Post by FHSoc »

There is one correction to make - the on train entertainment will not be provided by Teatro Vivo, but by another acting troupe. Apologies for any confusion this may have caused.
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Post by Checkmate »

nasaroc wrote:TfL has agreed to "hold back" a sizeable group of free tickets at Sydenham and FH stations for 2pm.
Controversial!!! "Hold back" eh?

So if you go down there at, say 8am, chances are you'll get one, then they will run out at, maybe, i dunno, say 11ish....then by 2pm all of a sidden they got some more......

People who turn up at midday aint gonna be pleased then are they :D :D
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Post by ALIB »

We had a lovely trip this morning on an air-conditioned train.

A few photos below and hopefully a bit of video if i can load it properly..

Whitechapel mural (there seem to be loads of murals at each station)

the new carriages

Forest Hill sation

Videos coming next,....hopefully
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Post by ALIB »

I can't be bothered to try and work out how to load video.

I have put two of them on youtube and here are the links

ELL train coming into Forest Hill station

ELL train goes over flyover at New Cross Gate

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Post by sydenhamboy »

Couldn't resist coming back from London Bridge and changing over to London Overground at NCG to take me back to Sydders. Very impressed. We're on the map !!!
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Post by coll »

We loved our day out on the new Overground! It really makes a mental difference to have it here now. We feel so plugged in and connected with the rest of the city. We rode it till the end, got out at Dalston Junction walked around a bit - didn't find much to see so we jumped back on. We got off at Shoreditch High Street and made our way through the market on brick lane.
Outside the Shoreditch station there were trendy north londoners looking at the map of where this new service goes. One girl said, "oh I've heard of Crystal Palace it's meant to be nice there."

Brick Lane was heaving and I was amazed how much more popular it's become since I was there 2 years ago. We then walked up to Columbia road market and bought a bunch of stuff for the garden. We slowly made our way back to the station; stopping to pick up a couple bagels with salt beef and a loaf of rye bread - the only place in London I've found great rye bread. We took our bagels back to the station hopped on the train and came stright back.

The train was very cool from the air-conditioning and we loved every second of it. The only hitch was we were held for 8 minutes because of 'congestion in the Brockley area' which was a bit of a funny thing to hear over the speakers!
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Post by Likelife »

I was impressed but the train that I was on wasn't as cool as the other ones were and the announcements stopped at Shoreditch High St teething problems I guess.
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Post by Trawlerman »

We're on the map...true. I think that's been the case for quite a while.
Like the new trains. Very nice. But, the new service is a case of swings and roundabouts. A bit more of a delay for those wanting to get to Sutton...Brilliant for those desperate to sample the fleshpots of the East End.
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Post by Checkmate »

Apparently the very first Overground train to serve Syd station departed seven minutes late........

Shape of things to come?
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Post by fishcox »

We were pretty impressed by it.

Travelled 'en famille' up to Shoreditch, where there had been some sort of festival going on, by the look of things.

The pubs and bars were all pretty packed. and full of trendy young things.

In years gone by, we would have had a couple of pints, and enjoyed the balmy weather, but it was a last minute jaunt, and when you have 3 children with you, its not that easy.

All the stations were great. and the trains were clean and roomy (although there was no air con on the up train).

What amazed me, was the number of train spotters about, logging all the train serial numbers.

Totally recommend it, although I dont think its going to affect my daily grind into work, the 0740 to London Bridge is still a much easier journey for central London.
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Post by rbmartin »

It's amazing how being added to the tube map with 8 trains per hour have suddenly changed our line from being a neglected National Rail line, to being part of the Tube network (despite being part of the Overground network).

I also rode the ELL thanks to the station giving away free travelcards at lunchtime, my only gripe is the air con was too cold, although the final train I was on from NXG it seemed to have been turned off.

The Canada Water transfer to the Jubilee was a breeze compared to the walk from Platform 15 at London Bridge.
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Post by sean »

Video of the event will be available later today.
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Post by JRobinson »

I've been using the ELL from NCG since it started, and took my parents on the line yesterday - it's so easy to get to Surrey Quays (or Canada Water) for the shopping centre/Decathlon/bowling/cinema now.

I got on this morning at FH, and was slightly confused as there were loads of people stood on the platform, not getting onto the train - I thought there was a problem, but it was the same at all the stops to NCG - obviously people waiting to go to London Bridge, not realising that getting the first train to NCG, or going to Canada Water, and jubilee line, can sometimes be a lot quicker.

I guess there were still some people who didn't know that it was happening, and were caught unawares.
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Post by JeeBee »

I used it to go to work this morning.

It was a few minutes late, heh.

However the train was quiet, and lovely and cool. Lots of space on the trains, and the lack of carriage ends was nice.

The change at Canada Water was the simplest thing ever, compared with the pain at London Bridge (long walk from Platform 15 to barriers, queue because there aren't enough barriers, escalators down, walk walk walk, possible queues at underground barriers, escalator down, escalator down, fight onto crowded carriage).

So a thumbs up from me. Apart from the lack of opportunities to get a Metro.
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Post by chrisj1948 »

I am looking forward to traveling away from London. The prospect of being able to get to West Croydon, and the Whitgift Centre, by a service so regular that one doesn't need to check on the train times first is an attractive one.

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Post by digime2007 »

It's great the way it opens up the east end. We went to Columbia Road flower market at the weekend. Really close to Hoxton so a breeze to get to.

I still think it is a bit of a shame though that we're all talking about going elsewhere to shop. I wish Sydenham would up its game in that department.
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