Recycled Rubbish Rubbished?

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Recycled Rubbish Rubbished?

Post by stuart »

Yesterday our normal rubbish was collected as normal.

Our carefully sorted paper etc was left in the Green Box and subsequently it disappeared - we assumed it had been collected. Then we found it - dumped back in our ordinary wheelie bin.

At various meetings the council have always denied allegations from the floor that recycled rubbish was being dumped in with ordinary rubbish. But I now have a bin at the bottom of my path where precisely that has happened. Seems they were wrong.

What is going on?

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Post by Rebelmc »

We've just been told we're about to get recycling bins, i'll let you know what happens.
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Post by lemonade »

May I say I've had recycling for quite some time now.
As part of a global effort it is of course a very good thing...I couldn't argue.
The recycling proceedure is quite complicated. You are asked to rinse out empty bottles, cans, etc. The paper must be sorted and no plastics. The bottles must be separated from cans etc, etc. You are given a small plastic bin to keep all your recycled waste in.
The truck comes along and empties all the recycled waste into one huge container. So the recycled waste you have rinsed, sorted and separated, ends up mixed. :?
When the items get to the recycling station(s) they are stored and sorted, shipped away.
Some "recycled" waste will always end up in a landfill in Grays, Essex. :?
The Clown
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Post by The Clown »

My recycled waste is collected separately and goes on a separate truck. (I am in the Newlands Park area)

Apparently you don't have to rinse your rubbish anymore but it pays to do so, or you will get flies / foxes etc. From the council website, it doesn't seem to say that you have to separate everything individually either. You can ask for a wheelie bin if the box is too small for your needs. They take a couple of weeks to deliver.
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Post by paulhgc »

they just put it in black bags and dump them in alleys in penge :cry:
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