Buying a one-bed flat in Penge High Street - A good idea?

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Buying a one-bed flat in Penge High Street - A good idea?

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First time member to this board so firstly hello to everyone.

Although not strictly relevant to Sydenham, I hope some of you can help.

I currently live in Kent, and the daily commute to London is starting to get to me. Therefore, I'm looking to live nearer London.

As I'm single, I'm looking to get a one bed flat and my limit is £125,000.

I went to see a 1 bed fllat in the High Street in Penge and I really liked it. Spacious enough for two people, it is ideal as it is sandwiched between Penge West and East (5-7mins walk for either). Another attraction was the East London Line also hitting Penge West (although debatable as to how well this'll improve the area).

My question is is this a good area in which to buy in. Normally, buying above a shop (it is not over a food shop, and there are none nearby) in a High Street wouldn't be high on my agenda, but it looks as though I'll be able to get this for around £118-£120K.

Alternatively, I'm thinking of Syndenham. If so, which areas would you advise?

Many thanks.

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Post by Illuminance »

I moved last year from Lawrie Park to near where you describe; although hesitant at first, I have to say it's the nicer part of Penge!

As you say, it's equidistant from the two BR stations and whilst being reasonably quiet it's only a 5 minute walk from the main high street. Costcutter is now open 24 hours - for those late night grocery emergencies - there is a Sainsburys and Tesco Express further down.

You're right on the doorstep of Crystal Palace Park and the 176 bus takes you to Oxford Circus 24/7.

Parking can sometimes be a nightmare, thanks to rail commuters and shoppers, but that is a citywide (if not nationwide) problem we all have to deal with. Penge West burned down some time ago and is just about operational - the ticket staff at London Bridge are strangely helpful and will sell you a ticket at the end of your journey without fining you :)

Sounds like a bargain flat - go for it.

Hope this makes sense, havent had my coffee fix yet.

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Post by back_ache »

to add further plus points.

It's in the borough of bromley.
There is a tennis club a short walk away.

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not a bad area and if you do move there when you have your CHINESE ( check that mods ) make sure you check out the wok express they do great food also you have the police stn in the high street and palace park just up the road as well as the spa leisure cent in beckenham. so yes overall a nice area. well as nice as they get in london

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