News: Things to not to do when driving a double-decker bus

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News: Things to not to do when driving a double-decker bus

Post by back_ache »

Drive under a low bridge in Sydenham

Story from the sun, I hope no-one was hurt.

Sorry I had to remove your deeplink photo. Murdoch's men wouldn't let us reproduce last year's pic without payment of a considerable sum to cushion his retirement. I'm guessing you are not yet rich enough for this one either.


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Post by Illuminance »

Not again!

More information can be found here

Similar accident occurred a year ago in exactly the same place. How big do the fluorescent chevrons have to be to get noticed? :)

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Post by aidy_b »

At least it makes a difference from driving into my car. Twice in the last 18 months I have come home to find my wing mirror missing and some nice new red and yellow stripes along the side of my car. :cry:

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