Review - Greyhound Pub Design Competition.

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Re: Review - Greyhound Pub Design Competition.

Post by leenewham »

I too share Pippas concerns that someone might think it was her (which has already happened by some people we have spoken to) and I'm glad she has come forward and said it wasn't. But it's not really the fault of admin or this forum. Many people go on Twitter with similar names as others.

It's another reason why it's such as shame the original poster hasn't used their real name as it has upset a local business (Artdog, not us!). Hopefully their choice of name was unintentionally similar to a local business.
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Re: Review - Greyhound Pub Design Competition.

Post by Annie »

Bit of a knee jeck post I thought Lee,it just made me think sod you tbh, if she had stated her case calmly I would have looked at it more closely.

But I can understand her irritation, so I am sorry I called her a child. :)
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Re: Review - Greyhound Pub Design Competition.

Post by MiniFox »

Really love the winning entry, Lee. Now quite keen to see the Greyhound with four actual walls back up and your work in place!
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Re: Review - Greyhound Pub Design Competition.

Post by ALIB »

I like Lee's winning entry. Has potential to be utterly fantastic.
Any glitches regarding lighting and viewing persepctive can be easily accomodated, and resolved. I am confident of this through my significant engineering experience (nothing to do with art !).

Alright, it's not an original idea (i think an artist did a mosaic of Myra Hindley a few years back, using facial images of children), but it has the potential to work very well and to meet all the objectives of the brief.
This could work stunningly well.

Take the proposal for the Naborhood Centre, and you can see why Lee's idea is leaps and bounds ahead of what could have been put on the rear wall of the Greyhound
(And yes, I've met Lee before, but I don't hold any favouritsm towards him.)
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