Sydenham Road Improvement works update

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annabel mclaren
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Sydenham Road Improvement works update

Post by annabel mclaren »

I've been contacted by Lewisham Council with a link to the page on their website where the contractor will give updates on the progress of the work on Sydenham Road. This is their first posting - others will follow at the link below.

“We are now 14 days into this year-long project, and this past week has seen further progress with the reconstruction of the carriageway. This has inevitably had a high impact on traffic flows which, we regret, is unavoidable. However, we would like to assure you that these works will produce long-term gains and greatly minimise carriageway maintenance works for many years in the future.
We fully realise the inconvenience caused by the short-term closure of pedestrian crossings, but this is unavoidable while temporary traffic signals are in operation. If you are experiencing difficulties in crossing the road while the pedestrian crossings are out of action, please contact J.B.Riney’s Site Agent, Steve Clarke on 07720 092485. Steve will be able to provide assistance, if required. Alternatively, you can e-mail Steve at to arrange assistance in advance.
The main focus of the work last week centred around the junction of Westwood Hill and Kirkdale. Apart from the carriageway reconstruction work, good progress has been made on installing new rainwater drainage. In addition, approximately 200 metres of new silver-grey granite kerb has been laid.
In the coming week we will be completing our carriageway reconstruction work around Cobbs Corner and will continue into Kirkdale, towards the railway bridge. Also, next week, we will be digging trial holes along Sydenham Road to accommodate the infrastructure for street lighting, new traffic signals and CCTV.
Thank you for your continued patience and co-operation through the early stages of the project.”
Jim Stacy, Contracts Manager
Mobile: 07940 951636

The direct link to the web page is: ... eport.aspx

Annabel McLaren, Sydenham Society
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Re: Sydenham Road Improvement works update

Post by blakewho »

The update is welcome, but I do hope that the ugly black tarmac currently attaching the new silver grey granite kerbstones to the pavement is temporary and that the pavements will be left in an attractive state.
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Re: Sydenham Road Improvement works update

Post by Rachael »

blakewho wrote:The update is welcome, but I do hope that the ugly black tarmac currently attaching the new silver grey granite kerbstones to the pavement is temporary and that the pavements will be left in an attractive state.
If anyone notices something they think needs to be addressed, it would probably be a good idea to contact Riney on the email given in the first post. That way things can be sorted out on the spot, if need be. I don't think we can rely on the contractors to read this forum. We are lucky that the contractors have provided a dedicated contact for us - we should use it.
Pat Trembath
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Re: Sydenham Road Improvement works update

Post by Pat Trembath »

Spoke to Steve Clarke, Project Manager, and asked him directly about the pavement finishing in the Kirkdale/Westwood Hill area.

Currently Riney is dealing with road matters - roundabout, kerbs and making good the highway. They want to get this done as soon as possible in order to minimise inconvenience to traffic flow and to open up the crossing points to pedestrians.

Pavements can be dealt with in due course. The intention is to pave all the way up to, and including, the first bus stops in Westwood Hill and Kirkdale.
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Re: Sydenham Road Improvement works update

Post by leenewham »

Does anyone know if any signage is included in the scheme? That's the one thing that seemed to be missing from all the visuals.

Penge has a great sign, we could throw it open as a competition like we did the Greyhound.

Does anyone know if the lamposts will have potential for banners as part of the scheme? The banners for the olympics looked great in town centres (especially as they were minimal and consisted of nice colours and patterns rather than lots of small writing like the Lewisham ones that were up for years in Forest Hill).

If we could use them for local events and promote things like music and arts festivals etc, it would be fantastic. As our local council representative, Cllr Best is involved in many council matters, the portas pilot, town centre group and wants a vibrant high street it should be easy to make this happen if we want it and think it's a good idea.

It's not the councils high street. It's not the shops. It's the publics.

What do we want it to be like? There are parts of the road improvement scheme that are unresolved that we can influence.
Cheese Wotsits
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Re: Sydenham Road Improvement works update

Post by Cheese Wotsits »

Good point Lee.

I think this will be a great opportunity to unleash the SYDENHAM DRAGON!
I remember you said there was no point in doing it unless the road improvements were happening? Surely this will be the right time for it?! Is it ready to make an appearance?

I also like the idea of the banners. I really like the way the Olympics ones looked. Being able to use them for local events like the Music and Arts Festival would be great too. I 'd prefer that to hanging baskets. Those are generic, could be anywhere (personally not to my liking) but banners that feel like the belong to Sydenham (not to Lewisham) would be great!
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