Trewsbury Road Allotments

The History of Sydenham from Cippenham to present day. Links to photos especially welcome!

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Trewsbury Road Allotments

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Would anyone have any information regarding the history of Trewsbury Road Allotments? Photographs would be great. Thank you in advance.

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Re: Trewsbury Road Allotments

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As a child I lived with my family in Gorton Road. My father had an allotment off what we called 'Derby Lane'. I recall Derby Lane being an unmade road which ran between Tannsfeld Road and Trewsbury Road and which was bordered on one side by a park. In Derby Lane was just one property, a house that fascinated me - Derby House. I think the allotments must have been in a parcel of land, sandwiched between the gardens of properties in Tannsfeld and Trewsbury Roads. This was probably around 1960.


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