Origin of the words 'Naborhood Centre'

The History of Sydenham from Cippenham to present day. Links to photos especially welcome!

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Re: Origin of the words 'Naborhood Centre'

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Ten years on, I look back and see that the historical significance of the moniker was buried by a sceptical naysayer, here, and the 'naborhood' has meanwhile lost its unique link to pre-War black/reformist/radical culture. 🙁
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Re: Origin of the words 'Naborhood Centre'

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The spelling society's house stile notation makes minimal changes in English spelling.

neighborhood would be respelled without the gh. The lack of a gh does not change the pronunciation.
neiborhood would be the recommended spelling.

There could be a reform notation that would use NABORHOOD but it is not housestile or cut surplus cut spelling or cut spelling.

Webster notation in ANSI uses /nábørhud/ where á with a macron marks the "long A" IPA: /ei/

ALC New Spelling uses naeborhuud.

Dr. Seuss notation: NAY-buhr-hood
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