Reg O'Neil

The History of Sydenham from Cippenham to present day. Links to photos especially welcome!
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Reg O'Neil

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Over recent months many of us have enjoyed the series "Sydenham in the '20s". These stories of what it was like to live in Sydenham at that time have been brought to life by the almost encyclopaedic knowledge and remarkable memory of Reg who has painted fascinating pictures in words, and filled gaps in other peoples memories. As a relative I can confirm what most of you would have guessed anyway that Reg is the kindest and nicest and most generous person you could wish to meet. On Friday Jan. 15th. Reg celebrates his 90th birthday and I am sure those of you who have followed his historical series will be pleased to join me in sending him congratulations and best wishes for the future - and thanks for all his efforts. We look forward to more stories from the past in 2010.
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I always enjoy Reg's fascinating insights into a time gone by. Long may they continue, and many happy returns for your big day on Friday.

Thanks for your efforts.
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Happy 90th Birthday Grandad!

Post by Sam »

As Reg's Grand daughter, I have always found his memories facinating and look forward to each instalment, whether it is at a family gathering, over a quick cuppa or now online! It is wonderful that Grandad is able to use the forum to document some of his memories of Sydenham and lovely that you enjoy reading them!

Friday is to be a very special day as Grandad will be celebrating his 90th birthday and one of his Great Grandchildren Prudence, will be celebrating her 1st birthday.

Happy Birthday Grandad
Fondest love as always Sam x
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I would also like to add my congratulations, Reg. Your memories of life in Sydenham during the inter-war years and beyond are absolutely priceless. Books and documents offer an accurate but often dry and even dull record of the past. Memories such as yours bring these dry facts to life. Even more impressive is the accuracy of your memories. Your posts will become an essential part of the history of Sydenham. Thank you.

Do have a happy birthday.

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Thanks Reg for the trips down memory lane for me at least.
Hope you had a great birthday. 90!!!!!!!!!!!!!Wow,. Congratulations sir, and you also have a very special Grand Daughter. :D
Hope you have many more birthdays to come.
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Many Happy returns for today Reg. I hope you are being suitably spoiled!
I have very much enjoyed our PM's and your wonderfully evocative descriptions of your time in Sydenham.

I look forward to further installments, please.


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Happy Birthday, Reg!

Thanks for all your posts, particularly those on The Crystal Palace


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Many Happy returns Reg , we all adore your fantastic posts !

Best Wishes Chelsey
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I hope you had a lovely day Reg and I have so enjoyed reading your memories.

I look forward to reading lots more.

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Yes, ditto Have a great day Reg, thanks for the insight.

Many happy returns.
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Reg O'Neil

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Many thanks for the birthday wishes and encouraging remarks about my memories,
For your information, I was given a wonderful day in the company of my family and, thanks to “SKYPE” I was able to see and hear family members in Bristol.
It has made me realise the vast changes that have taken place in those ninety years,
I was born, not with a silver spoon, but with a cat’s whisker and a crystal and have followed Marconi’s dream to this connection with Bristol yesterday.
Thank you all so much.
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Extremely belated birthday greetings, here to more reminisences, think that's how you spell it, am awash with flu.
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