Scudders Row & Willow Way

The History of Sydenham from Cippenham to present day. Links to photos especially welcome!

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Scudders Row & Willow Way

Post by dwillis1963 »


Does anybody have pictures or info on the above cottages & families from the 1850's onwards

I have a family tree which links me to the Scudder x Metcalfe Lines.

I am also re searching the family lines of the Willougby x Ross, Rowe x Quickendens & finally the Lurcucks x Gardeniners.

Any info would be greatly appreciated.



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Post by Falkor »

Can't help with info unfortunately, other than there was a dairy tucked away in the corner of this road, which was based on the boundary of the old Croydon Canal Reservoir (willow trees at the edge of the reservoir?)

However, here are some pictures (photos were taken 2-Feb-1956), and probably include Scudders Row, even though the numbering is a bit suspect.


Kirkdale towards Willow Walk/Way

"61-61G" Willow Walk/Way

32-50 Willow Walk/Way


"37-29" Willow Walk/Way

"33-35" Willow Walk/Way

"25-31" Willow Walk/Way

"28-30" Willow Walk/Way

"18-20" Willow Walk/Way

It seems there's no photos of 1-23 on the odd side as well as some unphotographed cottages on the even side, but Willow Way/Walk joined Dartmouth Road between a police station and pub (left photo is modern showing replacements of 1-23):
Image Image

Old photo (cropped) showing shops between police station, pub and Willow Walk/Way exit:

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Re: Scudders Row & Willow Way

Post by rewind »

I'm actually glad I found this site as I was looking for information and mainly photos of my fathers old house which was number 47 Willow way. He was born in 1938 and lived there until the late 1950's and his first job so he tells me was at the express dairy! He was just telling me the other day while we were on a long drive about how he and his friends used to steal pears from the pear tree in the police station yard and how they used to have a look out for policemen as they used to leave their push bikes there.
Also he remembers there being a bomb site around the Bricklayers Arms where they used to set up a bomb fire on November the 5th and I think he said the Girls School across from the police station on the main road got bombed too.
He also remembers having tape across the windows and wardens coming round to tell you to turn your lights off during the raids, and he remembers one day his mother came to get him from school and when they were walking home a Heinkel HE111 flew so low over head he could see the nose gunner or pilot waving at him on their way to central.

It's amazing at how much he can remember at such a young age and the fact that at the time he remembers no-one really being afraid and everyone just got on with their daily lives in true british spirit!

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Re: Scudders Row & Willow Way

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My father was born in Sydenham in 1919 and lived in Willow Way until he joined the army on the out break of the second world war. I have a couple of photos of him in his army uniform taken in the front garden of the house there. I don't remember what number it was but i will try to find the photos and post them here. My Nan remembered the land mine that came down there during WW2 she said that it was a parachute mine and that several people including a policeman ran towards it thinking it was a German pilot that had bailed out apparently they were all killed. Don't remember if their house in Willow Way was damaged by the land mine but when i was born in 1954 my nan & grandad were living in a prefab in Longton grove.

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