1920s/30s front door

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1920s/30s front door

Post by Syddders »

I want to get a new front door for our 1920s-era house and wondered if anyone could recommend the Dulwich Reclamation place on Kirkdale (formerly Doorz) or had any other suggestions for local reclamation yards or any online door sellers?

I'm guessing the best and cheapest way to do this is to source a suitable door and then find a good joiner to fit it, rather than pay someone like The London Door Company to supply and fit?

Also, is The Old Bath house in Bell Green still going? It came up on a Google search but no website available.

Bovine Juice
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Re: 1920s/30s front door

Post by Bovine Juice »

Yes the Old Bath House is still going
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Re: 1920s/30s front door

Post by Pally »

There's a good place in East Dulwich just before the turning for Sainsburys . Doors and furniture
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Re: 1920s/30s front door

Post by gerispringer »

The Old Bath House is definitely worth a look. They had a lot of period doors there a couple of weeks ago.
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