Spanish speakers

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Spanish speakers

Post by Excusemyfrench »

Good morning,

Are there any Spanish speakers around willing to help me brush up on my Spanish ahead of a trip to Spain at the end of May?

I am a little rusty but I should still be able to hold a conversation (she says confidently, not).

Maybe an hour or so every other week, or whatever time you can give me. I'll buy the coffee (or beer).

If you are learning French I'd be happy to help in return and we can split the time between the 2 languages.

PM me if interested.

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Re: Spanish speakers

Post by alywin »

Maybe not directly relevant, but I note there's a children's Spanish class held in the hall at the end of Venner Road. The people who run it might know people ...
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Spanish speakers

Post by biscuitman1978 »

You might also try Alahambra on Kirkdale, although their website says that classes are currently on hold - ... on-classes
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