Cat knocked down Sunnydene Street

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Cat knocked down Sunnydene Street

Post by sophie »

Wednesday, 30/09/17 aprox 8pm

Very sadly there is a dead cat that has clearly been run down. A group of us, independently of one another, came across the cat in the road. We are unsure what the protocol is for dealing with dead animals but thought we would try the forum to see if anyone knows it. Someone is keeping the cat for a day to see if anyone comes forward as we felt that an owner might be found and would want to retrieve their cat. The cat is mainly black with white paws and seems quite young. It is wearing a greyish collar but we couldn't find any ID on the collar. If you think it is yours, or you know it, please send me a private message and I will let you know the address.

I have called The Mayow Veterinary Surgery to see if they take dead animals to see if they are chipped in order to try and trace the owner.

Pat Trembath
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Re: Cat knocked down Sunnydene Street

Post by Pat Trembath »

Try Lewisham's website - Environment. I'm pretty certain they deal with dead animals.

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Re: Cat knocked down Sunnydene Street

Post by yummymummy »

I am worried this maybe our cat, I have PM'd you Sophie!

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