Polish lessons / courses

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Polish lessons / courses

Post by Sydenham »

I'm looking to learn to speak Polish - and haven't been able to find any evening classes (day time courses might also be possible) in the area. Does anyone know of any?


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Post by MartinH »

Are you thinking of going to Poland ?

The Eagle
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Post by The Eagle »

No I think he is planning for the future..........he will want to know what the locals are saying about him in a few years time :lol: :lol:

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Post by georgemichael »

....and his Doctor, Plumber, Accountant, etc. :lol:

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Post by Thomas »

Well according to the newspapers, they're all leaving the country!

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Post by Jules »

They're not all leaving.
I'm in the midst of preparing my house to rent to a very nice young Polish couple with a young boy!
Syd ; rather than pay for lessons, maybe you could arrange a regular meet with some local Polish people and ask them to teach you!

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Post by Janeco »

King's College in the Strand has evening classes - a colleague goes to a Polish class there and seems to find it good.

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Post by Savvy »

Nice one Jules :D

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Post by Sydenham »

Well thank you for all your suggestions and comment. Much appreciated and I'll be following some of them up.

Regards to you all.

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Post by lemonade »

Czesc Sydenham
I've sent you a Personal Message regarding Polish evening lessons.

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