Broadband connection around Fairlawn Park

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Howard Staunton
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Broadband connection around Fairlawn Park

Post by Howard Staunton »

Anyone else completely lost their internet connection on or around Fairlawn Park? I switched to Plusnet only a few weeks ago and last Monday (9 days ago) I completely lost my fibre broadband connection. I have seen several BT Opernreach vans parked on Fairlawn Park in recent days so just wondered if it was a problem affecting others. BT Openreach engineer came last Friday and told me the line was absolutely fine right up to my master socket. Plusnet say it's not their equipment. Result stalemate. :cry:


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Re: Broadband connection around Fairlawn Park

Post by Jollylolly »

We’ve had 3 providers during our time here and never reach anywhere near speeds promised and often cuts out though not for long. When we first moved here BT came to check the line and also said it was fine. And yes, constantly see the BT vans.

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