3 Acacia Road / Hazel Grove

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3 Acacia Road / Hazel Grove

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Hello to all. I joined the forum to see if anyone might have a photo or any info on 3 Acacia Road, Sydenham aka I believe Hazel Grove in later years before demolition in 1960s.

My Mum was born at 3 Acacia Road on 29 Aug 1933. Family name Twinn. I promised her I would try and get something for her. I did find some photos of the original Hazel Grove but these looked like they were from further up the road towards Myrtle Grove. I'm guessing 3 was at the Sydenham Road end.

Many thanks in advance.
Michael Viner
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Re: 3 Acacia Road / Hazel Grove

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Hello-I'm afraid I don't have any photos of 3 Acacia Rd. and I don't know of anyone who has-like yourself, the only photos I've seen of Acacia Rd (whose name was changed to it's present Hazel Grove after the Victorian houses were demolished in the mid-1960's) are the ones at Lewisham Local Studies, which show the houses further up the top.
You're quite right, 3 Acacia Rd. was at the Sydenham Rd. end- the 2nd house on the west(left) side,just past what was then the grocers,Egertons, on the corner at 171 Sydenham Rd.. In my 1931 Kelly's directory, William Twinn and Leonard Twinn,window cleaner, were living at No.3.
Kelly's directories just used to list the 'head(s) of the household' so there were probably other family members living there

Not much really,but I hope it is of some help!
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