forest hill boys school

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forest hill boys school

Post by amalho »

My partner, his brother and most of the male side of his family attended forest hill boys, now we have 2 sons and although they're at primary school, would like to know peoples recommendations on secondary schools in the area, most of my friends inc. my partner seem to think forest hill boys is a terrible school, did they just have bad experiences or is that a general feeling?
please advise, i heard of the refurbishment n hoped things were improving/

Post by DigitalFX »

Hay amalho.

Well I went to forest Hill Boys School 1985-1990 and I must say it was really bad for a thousand and one reasons that I won't go into.

However, the Headteacher is now Mr Walsh who was deputy in my time, he was good so I can imagine the school is now run really well. Along with the new refurbishment and art's centre it's looks like a brand new school, so would say all is well with Forest Hill Boys. Their performance tables look good compared to my days at the school.

Go for it!!!!!

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Post by gone »

Formerly known as Dacres road school?
spent 5 miserable years of my life there,& hated it

When I last passed by it the huge sign outside said it was "specialising in the Performing Arts" :roll:

If you can't teach them to read and write,at least you can teach them to dance and play the drums.
Says it all really
About right for Lewisham Borough :x
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Post by Nicholas »

I went to Forest Hill 2002-2006. I think it was an alrite school. I didn’t have any problems but I only stayed till year 10. I would say go for it even if it will be still be a building site for the first couple of years.
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Post by admin »

I presume you read our recent report here: ... l_pfi.html

OFSTED and the league tables do show a improving and a successful school. Many have identified this success with Mr Walsh (or more likely his ability to motivate a team of mediocre teachers into good teachers).

FHS certainly did have a poor reputation. I was unimpressed when I visited it 12 years ago. That may be the problem. Good reputations are hard to make but bad reputations are even harder to lose.

I was thought 'lucky' to get one of my kids into Lewisham's most esteemed schools and the hardest to get into. The school, in fact turned out to be appalling. Much below the standard of the 'local comp' (in Greenwich) my other kid went to.

So this may a chance to get in on the ground floor of a succeeding school. Only you can choose. There is nothing like being in the school and listening. You can hear successful 'learning'. It is a buzz that is neither loud (no control) nor silent (too much control). And talk to the kids there now. They often know best.

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Post by Janeco »

My older son spent 2 years at Forest Hill from 2000-2001 and we were certainly impressed by Mr Walsh. He is an inspirational Head who has turned the school around by all accounts. He loves the school and makes all the boys feel valued.
Downside perhaps was the sheer size of the place and (from my viewpoint) the lack of girls. Also at that time no decent sports facilities but they now have a sports centre.
For a local comp I suspect it's the best choice around for boys.
If you have an academic child you could try for St Saviours and St Olaves Grammar in Orpington but it's a bit of a hike to get there.
Our son also did not get into the school with the best "reputation" (like most of the hordes who try) but, without it sounding like sour grapes, we were not impressed on our visit to it - sixth formers in gowns seemed very pretentious and the Head did not seem to have the qualities of Mr Walsh. Well resourced though, but again not brilliant for sports facilities.
Otherwise the top schools in the borough are probably all private so you have to consider your bank balance and your scruples (or both) or move to an area further out and try for a selective entrance school.
Good luck. It's a nerve wracking issue.
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forest hill boys school

Post by bigbadwolf »

I attended from 95 to 2000 and it was a great school. I will admit that when Graham Agnew was in charge their was a lack of discipline and direction but once the true Legend known as Peter Walsh was made head the place was great. The guy simply lives for the place and the parents cant fault him. Bullys are quickly expelled and support is offered to those effected, great facilities and dedicated staff for such a large flock. Discipline is very strict and punishment is quite severe. I don't know if it's because it's a boys school but the school appears to tolerate the staff physically manhandling trouble makers and be generally rough breaking up fights so the faint hearted will have to adjust.
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Post by mikej »

I have to say that - if you can afford it - by far the best local-ish school is Alleyns. Such a happy, such a simply civilised school. In addition it has great results, wonderful sport, art, drama, D of E, CCF, etc. And it takes boys and girls. Truly remarkable. I have never regretted sending my kids there (though it cost an arm and a leg!)
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