Best London Pub Garden competition

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Best London Pub Garden competition

Post by Juwlz »

I heard thru the grapevine there's going to be a BBC radio competition for best London Pub Garden, and it might be worth dropping a line to the Robert Elms show on Radio London to mention The Dolphin garden as this is surely a worthy contender.

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Post by Rebelmc »

Except it's not an official competition, there's no prize and they aren't interested in any other aspect of the pub, just the garden; it sounded more like an excuse for Bob and his gardener to go somewhere for a beer, which means not much South of the river will get a look in, as Elms thinks this is a foreign country and you need some kind of special visa to get here.

Having said that, I suppose there's a chance a local boozer might get a mention, which isn't a bad thing.

I actually prefer the distinctly less sterile efforts of the Golden Lion, with it's creative use of bath tubs and sinks as planters.
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Post by leenewham »

Yep, good call Juwlz.
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Post by ALIB »

it seems a strange competition to run on the radio....
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Post by JeeBee »

How about a competition for worst pub garden (actively advertised as a beer garden).

Although not a contender, The Gypsy Hill Tavern garden looks like it has been attacked by giant were-squirrels.
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Post by Trawlerman »

Good one, Rebelmc. I have lived and worked N of the Thames...Not a patch on what we have to offer...Or maybe I'm just being provocative.
Also, yes, I quite like the bath-tub effect of the Golden Lion.
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