phillips cooker timer

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phillips cooker timer

Post by kevin1414 »

Hi Folks

my 18 month son has being playing about with the timer switch on my cooker, now my oven and grill will not work, can anyone help please
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Post by sarahc »


My daughter played with my timer one time - turned out she had put it onto 'Auto'. You could check if this is the case with yours. Mine is a whirlpool one -not sure if it's the same......worth a try!!

Good luck! :wink:
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Cooker Timer

Post by lemonade »

Hello Kevin1414

Sarahc's quite right what she says. Set the timer in the MANUAL position. Some timers show the manual position as a picture of a hand.

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locked cooker

Post by DaveT »

This sounds rather like a problem we had when our 18mth old decided to play with the buttons on the oven.

This resulted in the display showing something odd, and the oven refusing to respond to any button presses (including switching automatic/manual).

We ended up turning the oven off at the mains, waited 30 seconds and then turned it back on again. We breathed a sigh of relief when normal service was resumed.

might help...
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