You've gotta love Sydenham

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You've gotta love Sydenham

Post by Maebee »

I have lived in Sydenham for the last two years and do believe that I am beginning to become a little fond of it. Initially, I would lie awake at night sweating and wondering what possessed me to buy in this area and if my house would fetch more than £5 when I wanted to sell it.

However, I will list below some of the things in Sydenham that I have become to quite like - in no particular order:

1. The Post Office - makes Little Britain look like a fly on the wall documentary.

2. The Cake Shop - how all the cakes taste the same. This includes the bread as well.

3. Sainsburys - even when you just pop in buy milk and bread, you come out an hour later having spent £100.

4. The Pound Shops - is there nothing that they don't sell. A jar of pom-poms for £1. How do they do it.

5. The Catholic Church - knowing that even if Jesus himself walked in the door no one would say welcome or move over in the pew for him.

6. The Pet Shop - one of these days Roly is going to say a swear word and I want to be there to hear it. God knows I have whispered enough of them to that big bird.

7. Somerfields - is it just me or is that supermarket getting a little bit posh. Try the Somerfield So Good Chocolate Tiffins and Caramel Square - heaven for £1.59. The staff are friendly as well.

8. The Bookshop - a book shop, a card shop and an art gallary all in a space of 3 ft square.

9. Mayow Park - love the meadow, love the big trees, love the free tennis courts, love the bowling green - but would love even more a cafe in the bowling green building. My kids love the crap playground.

10. The man in the kiosk at the train station - he really is very nice.

AAaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh Sydenham, don't you go changing.

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Post by fb3333 »

that was an absolute dream to read.. why did i move to grantham.. the pit of hell!

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Post by back_ache »

What I love about Sydenham is most clear when you go to Savacentre where you never hear or see the same language, type of person or relationship twice!

Sydenham's a big old pick and mix!

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not being negative but

Post by goonerchamp »

The reason I "love" sydenham - not - is from my 202 bus journey down from Wells Pk to Home Pk on Satuday evening I saw 4 separate sets of police cars stoped and arresting someone - oh what a lovely place - shame about the people :?

not to mention the guy wielding a knife outside the Prince Alfred pub !

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Post by Wispy Wonder »

Aha - someone else trying to teach Roly swear words. After two years of trying I've never heard him squalk even the mildest drat! Good to know I'm not the only one trying.

W. Wonder

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