A few last words

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A few last words

Post by lemonade »

Hello All
I just want to wish all of you the very best for 2007. I've decided not to participate within the Sydenham Forum from 2007. I've so many other things happening and not enough time as I'd like to devote to the forum.
I must say it's been a pleasure helping you and really great meeting some of you too.
Stuart, you run a superb site. Well done!
I trust the Sydenham Forum will go from strength to strength.
My very best wishes to you all.
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Post by Annie »

I'm sorry to say goodbye Lemonade, but i can understand exactly why you are not going to post here any more.
thank you for all your help in the past, and i wish you and your family a healthy and safe New Year.
Pop back just to say hi every now and then you will be more than welcome xxx :wink:
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Post by stone-penge »

that's a shame lemonade.
you stand out as a true gent and a pearl of wisdom in this crazy cyber -world!
Come back soon.
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Post by leaf »

Shame to see you go lemonade :(

Who will advise us all now?
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Hey I'll miss you too

Post by LisaCummins »

Hey Lemonade,

Thanks for all your help in the past. Whenever I had a question you always answered it promptly and thoroughly.

And all without gain or profit.

I appreciate your good advice

Good luck in the future.

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