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Location Location Location

Post by Bovine Juice »

Did Sydenham feature in this a while ago?

The Location Location Location team were in the Alexandra Nurseries last week enjoying the coffee and soup. It was a follow up interview with somebody who'd appeared on it previously and I don't think Penge has appeared on that one.
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Re: Location Location Location

Post by Rachael »

There was a Forest Hill / Sydenham one quite recently (last year, I think). They looked at a flat in Lawrie Park Road.

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Re: Location Location Location

Post by leenewham »

Yes, Sydenham was on Location location Location Location Location.

Link to video here:

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Re: Location Location Location

Post by admin »

Yep, it was on http://sydenham.tv - but I see C4 blocked your copy too. Very uncool.
I do have a copy for private viewing :evil:


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Re: Location Location Location

Post by Emc »

Does anyone know what season and episode of Location Location Location this was on? I looked through most of the episodes on 4od that mentioned South London or London in general but couldn't find this one? Thanks.

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