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Did you now there is a website for Lower Sydenham:

I guess I am not the only "lovely person living at ..." to have received a mailing from Streetlife today. Though strangely although I have a SE26 address they think I live in Penge! I guess they are taking advantage of the virtual implosion of Virtual Norwood which has historically covered SE20.

Streetlife appears to be a very professional and expensive operation (unlike SydTown run on half a shoe string). Looks like it has yet to reach critical mass - hence the mailing? What I don't see is any monetisation to cover the considerable costs - check out the size of the team and jobs page.

They also join a formidable set of other companies trying to do the 'local' thing from the Daily Mail upwards. It's hard to see how any can achieve more than spasmodic success. Which also begs the question should local social networking sites be embedded within the local community or be enabled from outside?

On the positive side - is there any stuff they are doing you would like done here? Should we be reaching out to Penge?


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Re: Streetlife

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I (or possibly my wife) am another such 'lovely person' - in SE26 (upper Sydenham), although they think I live in Crystal Palace! I'm afraid I threw the flyer away without really looking at it, so I didn't notice whether I was being invited to join a specific geographically-based network or just to leave it to them to hook me up with some potential chums.

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