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Post by admin » 21 Jul 2015 20:40

You may have noticed some roughness in the website's performance and the occasional disappearance over the last 24 hours. For this I apologise. Also for concentrating on the task in hand rather than letting you know what was happening.

It was not a hack. It was just a berserk program that gobbled all the disk and more on the German server. It took several hours in the night to calm it down enough to get access and do a bit of clearing up. It was still fully functioning on the user side but it was a complete shambles on the inside.

So I did one of the things you never do with a server unless desperate and rebooted it. Got rid of the mess but it took a load more with it and STF went down. So I did a quick shuffle up the road from Frankfurt to Amsterdam and, with just one wobble, it came back from there - that's the magic of mirrored servers - you will be unlucky to lose a post in the transition. Did we?

The really good news is that with all the mission critical stuff out of the way - the restore plan seems to have worked a treat and I now have an almost empty German server in apparent good health. I may move some stuff back tomorrow. Till then a little sleep to catch up on ...


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