The Electorate's Ability to Swallow the Biggest of Untruths

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The Electorate's Ability to Swallow the Biggest of Untruths

Post by JGD »

Well, none of us can say we didn't know it was inaccurate.

And we don't get the benefit of ignorance, we know that the man who said it has a history of lies and exaggeration.

And that we knew he felt he could embellish his position by saying it in such a flamboyant way that demonstrated he did not give a flying fernickety for falsehoods foisted on potential voters.

But we all have to swallow now - and hard.

The Indie carries this Treasury statement:
The Treasury has confirmed that it will not be getting an extra £350 million a week after Britain stops paying into the EU budget, despite false claims by Brexiteers during the referendum.

Britain is in fact expected to be overall poorer by £1,200 per person because of Brexit's economic drag, according to the government's spending watchdog.

The chancellor's red budget book shows the gross EU contributions saved by the UK will be around £42 billion over the next five years, rather than the £91 billion claimed under the false figure publicised by Boris Johnson in 2016.
So for clarity, this total of £42,000,000,000 (£42 Bn) over five years equates to £161,500,000 (£161.5 m) per week which is not the £350,000,000 (£350 m) promised in the telling of the lie.

The actualite tells us we don't get £350 m per week, which over 5 years is equivalent to £91,000,000,000.00 (£91 Bn).

We only get £42 Bn - a shortfall of £49 Bn - and all on Tory Treasury figures too. Which also calculate it wil cost us £30 Bn in the short-term to stimulate and sustain the economy through the Covid-19 crisis. It is unknown what estimates for any medium and long-term support costs will be.

It is wonderful that democracy provides no money-back guarantee but then truth will out ... 95476.html

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Re: The Electorate's Ability to Swallow the Biggest of Untruths

Post by mosy »

The referendum wasn't just to decide whether to leave the EU because of the money the UK paid into it was it?

In fact the bus myth was busted in every headline for a week before the referendum. However, I reckon the reality is that people who weren't in favour of the EU and its rules at voting time would have voted to leave had the amount been a mere fifty quid so the amount was irrelevant. The NHS bus might have persuaded some waverers over to Leave and persuaded them to go out and vote but arguably it's waverers or Remainers who chose not to vote at all that lost the Remain vote.

Actually, the amount sent to the EU is peanuts in the total budget income and spending/borrowing of the UK government. People don't have the opportunity to complain/decide via a referendum about the misuse or ill-advised or unpopular use of the majority of funds elsewhere. If they did, half of government spending could be cut overnight ;)

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