Ad policy - your input needed

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Ad policy - your input needed

Post by admin » 14 Oct 2004 09:40

I have removed the Ad forums. This because:

* They attracted no legitimate posts
* They did attract undesired posts which had to be removed

I would appreciate input as to what the forum policy should be. I don't like censoring anything and will seek not to do so for any genuine discussion item.

For adverts a ban on any 'extra-Sydenham' commercial posting is necessary to keep the scammers at bay and ensure the Forum does the job it is supposed to do.

For Sydenham businesses making an announcement - something new/something changed - a simple announcement here would seem reasonable. Asking/responding about local tradespeople would seem ok as long as it does not become overt advertising.

Businesses who wish to advertise - well they can help sponsor Sydenham Town - in which case they will get credit.

These are the rules I will apply now. Is this about right/too strict/not strict enough?

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