Threats on the forum

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Threats on the forum

Post by syd »

Hi all,

I’ve just been threatened by EUSSR and not for the first time. Should this poster be banned? I my use colourful language but I don’t bully and threaten other posters.


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Re: Threats on the forum

Post by stuart »

If it is a post that you think abusive there is report button you can hit.

If it's a PM or something not specific to a post than a PM to Admin is the best way to get disputes sorted in the first instance. That's what they are there for.

Stuart (an ex-Admin).

The Clown
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Re: Threats on the forum

Post by The Clown »

Whilst agree unacceptable behaviour, the poster should be allowed to correct this.
I actually thought you were actually quite rude to Carty as well though, to be fair. Could be an opportunity for apologies all round.
I had to to remove a comment I made about men who visit prostitutes last year - we all blow off steam occasionally.
I perhaps should not have suggested castration and so agreed to remove my post.
This forum has taken such a negative turn in the last 12 months, I’m not sure why everyone can’t be nicer to each other.

John H
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Re: Threats on the forum

Post by John H »

I did a search but could not find the alleged threats. I presume they were removed?

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