? Nearest Defibrillator

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? Nearest Defibrillator

Post by bjc »

Was refreshing my resus training at work recently which has for a while included using an AED (Automated External Defibrillator). Now supposedly available at many shopping centres, sports clubs, stations, etc.

Was wondering where the nearest ones are in Sydenham?

This website suggests there is one at:
Forest Hill Pool, Forest Hill Boys School Sports Hall, St Michaels Primary and The Bridge Gym

Anyone know of others? sydenham or penge east station?

Also, this is quite a good interactive video https://life-saver.org.uk - with Daisy Ridley in her screen debut!
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Re: ? Nearest Defibrillator

Post by mosy »

According to the London Ambulance Service, Metro police response units have them (or will be), as well as ambulances. Maybe asking for one of those might be the quickest in nearest terms?

http://www.londonambulance.nhs.uk/news/ ... lang=en-gb

I could only find the four locally that you did which don't look likely to be 24 hours. It doesn't seem to show one at CP Sports Centre which is odd, so maybe there's a later map somewhere.
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Re: ? Nearest Defibrillator

Post by owlwise »

There's one at Sydenham Station.
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Re: ? Nearest Defibrillator

Post by The Clown »

Good thread / question.
Didn't know about map....
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Re: ? Nearest Defibrillator

Post by alywin »

I saw one somewhere else the other day, but can't remember where it was - not much help, eh? Somewhere slightly unexpected. I keep forgetting to have a look when I'm down at Penge East.
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