Loft conversion planning permission for flats

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Loft conversion planning permission for flats

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Does anyone have any experience of building a loft conversion for a first floor flat? From what I gather, Lewisham council is much stricter than other councils on what you are allowed.

So if you live in a flat you have to have planning permission to do any loft conversion (but not for a house). Likewise, you're not allowed to have juliet balcony doors etc, as they have to mirror small sash windows in the rest of the house/flat.

I live in a first floor flat and have long been dreaming of converting my loft (with an L-shaped conversion) but the more I read up on this, the more hurdles I read about that Lewisham Council specifically imposes that other councils don't. Consequently, many Lewisham loft conversions seem to be badly matched in style to the rest of the property, rather than use really great contemporary architecture that compliments the existing building.

Do any other flat dwellers have experience of this and was planning permission easily given / were you allowed to use larger Juliet windows and to do an L-shaped loft conversion etc?

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