"Zanzibar" Party last night??

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"Zanzibar" Party last night??

Post by two » 1 Jan 2019 12:17

Anyone know what was going on at the old Zanzibar Club, Kirkdale last night.

Did n't think there was a current license . . .

Some mess and stroppy behavoir on Spring Hill and Peak Hill Ave. Bit concerned after previous events.

Was this a one off event, perhaps squatters . . .

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Re: "Zanzibar" Party last night??

Post by Jacks » 1 Jan 2019 14:12

Something along the lines of them not being able to find a club to hire so they broke in to Zanzibar and had a rave...police couldn't do anything because I think they claimed squatters rights or something! Apparently there were up to 500 people there!

Overheard all of this in the gym this morning....because they also kicked through the wall of the gym not realising that's where they were going to end up!!! Think the shock on their faces on the CCTV when the lights turned on was probably quite amusing!!

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Re: "Zanzibar" Party last night??

Post by sydenhamgardener2 » 1 Jan 2019 23:38

There was a 'squatters rights' legal notice there on NYE, but gone today.
I don't know if they are still there or not.

John H
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Re: "Zanzibar" Party last night??

Post by John H » 2 Jan 2019 08:34

Squatters' rights do not apply. So far as I am aware you have to squat for 11 years to enjoy those rights.

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Re: "Zanzibar" Party last night??

Post by TredownMan » 2 Jan 2019 20:33

I wonder if this will ever become the Laser Quest. They got planning permission last summer but since it's all gone quiet

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